Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's been awhile since I've done WILW, so today's the day!
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I'm loving, loving, loving that our 'married besties' are coming to stay with us this weekend! The fun starts Thursday evening, and I can hardly wait! We have some fun planned and will probably fill in the blanks with games and lots of laughs!

I'm loving this laid-back summer outfit.
Found it on Pinterest, of course, and hoping to mimic it for our cruise!

I'm loving this return address stamp.
There's no way I was paying $59 + tax and shipping for it though! So I did a little google work, and found Simply Stamps. Their fonts aren't quite as cute, but I paid $15.90 for the stamp, tax and shipping, so it's worth the 'sacrifice' to me! It shipped out less than 12 hours after I ordered it to boot...can't wait to receive the little cutie!

I'm loving Brown Cows. Have you ever had one? Roxanne introduced Cassi and me to them this week, and we're hooked! Our guys love them too...we've had them the last 2 nights. Don't judge. It's just vanilla ice cream (preferably Blue Bell!) with chocolate milk poured over it. For the chocolate milk, shake up your plain milk with Hershey's syrup...however chocolate-y you like it, then add 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp vanilla. I used a quart-size container, and it made about 4 at a time. Serve in a frozen mug and devour. Yum.

I'm loving that Temple has a twice-weekly farmer's market! So great to buy local. Unfortunately there were only a couple stands that were organic, but there's a huge hospital here (Scott & White) that hosts one twice-monthly, and we've been told they have a lot more organic produce. In addition, they even have chicken, beef, eggs and more!
Looking forward to checking that out.

I'm loving that we're setting sail on our first cruise in less than 2 weeks! I'm definitely looking forward to some fun in the sun with Rob's family :)

I'm loving my hubby, as always!
Our anniversary is Tuesday...3 years has gone by fast!

What are YOU loving today?

Friday, June 24, 2011

big day!

The Dunnam's are one of the coaching families moving to Temple from Abilene, and we are so glad about it! The Sunday before last, Cassi & Aaron came to stay with us for a couple days while they did some house-hunting. Well some crazy things happened, and a couple days turned into the whole week! It was so much fun to have friends here, and Cassi and I had some fun when she wasn't searching for their perfect home. She helped me with some projects around our house, we made dinner every night, and ran around town with Roxanne.

Cassi is pretty much an expert when it comes to painting furniture, so I definitely took advantage of that! We (yes I helped..some) painted this desk, and it turned out so cute! I'll show you the finished project once the room it's in is complete.
(Mom...Dad...are you reading this? ;))

The day after the Dunnam's found their perfect home, we decided to take a short road-trip to Round Rock for some 'window shopping' at Ikea! Roxanne joined us for this momentous occasion...and momentous it FIRST-ever visit to the mecca of home furnishings. We had so much fun getting ideas, and I even picked up a few things I already knew I needed.

We spent over 4 hours in there...that translates to over 4 hours of talking.
We were parched! Our little excursion wore us out, but it was a blast!

Anyway, all this to say they're MOVING HERE TODAY!!! If you could, would you say a little prayer that things work out as planned? They have a few days left until they're home-free, and I know they're MORE than ready for things to just be done and to be HOME.

Roxanne & Coach got their home this week, and it's going to be awesome!
Check her blog for updates on that.

Now we need the Berna's to get here! Not much longer!! :)
PS - Ness doesn't generally rock the goth look..but she does make it look good!

And we need this girl to get here! Then we'll be complete!

I know this season is going to be an adventure with friends NEW and old.
Fun times ahead, girls! I'm looking forward to it :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

girl gone crafty

As mentioned yesterday, I'm obsessed with Pinterest. Duh. There are all these crafty ideas that, in reality, I probably will never make, but then there are a few that are simple enough for even ME to do!
Gotta love that. When I saw this, I knew I had to make it.
It has to be one of the easiest projects only took about 20 minutes and $1.47!!
You'll need:
a staple gun (or small nails)
picture hanging wire
a maker (optional)
an empty frame (mine is 12x12)

I have all these girly pictures left from my high school and college rooms just waiting for projects. This particular frame was perfect for this one!
No need to paint or anything; it was the perfect color for our room.
I just pulled all the "guts" out and got busy...easy peasy!

Cut a few pieces of wire into the lengths you need (with a little extra on each side), mark where you want to staple, then start stapling! Wrap the extra wire up around itself for a little extra sturdiness, and voila!, a perfect earring frame.
(is anyone surprised by my blurry pictures? didn't think so ;))

I love being able to clearly see my choices without digging through my jewelry box!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh, How Pinterest-ing

I'm linking up with Michelle for the first time for "Oh, How Pinterest-ing Wednesday"! Like much of the blog community, I'm loving Pinterest right now, so this is a great way to share our weekly finds! Head over to The Vintage Apple to link up!

Roasted Potato salad...YUM.

Love these colors!

Green is my favorite.

Homemade "LARA" easy to make!

Sometimes you just want to be a home-body.

I'm so over the "Keep Calm" prints, but this one definitely applies to me.

WANT to do this in our master bath. I haven't figured out how to attach the hooks though because there wasn't a tutorial. Any ideas for the craft-challenged?? (me)

I want a little ruffled butt of my own! Still practicing patience with this...

Hilarious & true.

Such a girly eyelet it.

This just made me LOL!

Adore this striped & pleated skirt.

In this house...

I need to remind myself of this sometimes. I let my OCD-ness get the best of me at times, but there's more to life than a pristine house!

Are you pinning? Follow me if you'd like!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Carroll Wedding Weekend!

We finally have internet at the new house! Yipppeeee! That means I can get caught up on blogging and reading all of your blogs :)
And I just realized that I did these pictures backwards...apparently my brain forgot how blogger worked. My bad. I don't really want to go back and change it now, so just forgive me. Please?
And moving right along...

On June 11th, a couple of our besties got hitched! It was such a FUN weekend, and we just couldn't be happier for these two!
After primping the day away on Saturday, it was wedding time! Of course, I have no ceremony pictures, but I can assure you that it was gorgeous and so sweet. The reception was a blast! I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all.
I'll hush now and let the pictures do (most) of the talking...

I now realize that I never hit up the candy bar...what a shame.
Julie, can I have a redo??

Check out the beautiful centerpieces...

Is she not one of the prettiest brides you've ever seen?!

The bouquets around the cake were the bridesmaid flowers, and we each wore different colored shoes represented in the bouquets. SO cute with our platinum dresses! I'll post a picture of that when the professional ones come out.

Love my sweet parents.

My bestie since 5th grade...Anna Grace!

And since we're are a few of us before rehearsal dinner...

And a picture of all of our goodies from Julie!
Such a great gift...we all LOVED our packages!

The bride and myself at the bridal luncheon...

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll~
I just know y'all have a lifetime of love and happiness ahead! We are so thankful for your friendship and so excited to share the future with you. I know we have a lot of good times ahead...the best is yet to be! Looking forward to your visit to the big T! We love y'all!

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