Tuesday, February 28, 2012

34 weeks!

little blurry...sorry!
and i swear i do wear color sometimes.
i'm always in black for these!

How far along: 34 weeks! My doctor told me yesterday if I were to go into labor at this point he wouldn't stop it. Crazytown! Hopefully little girl will stay cookin' for a few more weeks though :)

Size of baby: According to babycenter.com Jaqs is the size of a large cantaloupe. I don't think she's that balled up, though...she's a squirmy girl. She's about 5 lbs and 19-22 inches long!

Total weight gain: No weight gain this week...still sitting at +22 lbs.

Gender: Baby girl!

Movement: Plenty! I can feel her little feet in my  ribs if I'm not sitting up straight. She's definitely head down according to the dr.! Ready for action. I haven't noticed her having hiccups like I hear a lot of moms talking about.

Sleep: Could be better, could be worse. I wake up twice to pee usually and several times to readjust.

What I miss: Sleeping comfortably. It's so worth it though...I've definitely enjoyed being pregnant!

Cravings: Milk & cereal....all the time. I usually end the night with a bowl of cereal before bed!

Symptoms: Having braxton-hicks sporadically. No heartburn thankfully, but I have occasional indigestion.

Maternity clothes: Both. My mom felt bad for me when she read my last bump-date and got me some maternity work pants! Haha, thanks momma! :)

the shadow makes me look XL...haha
Best moments this week: 
We've had so much excitement in the last 2 weeks!
--The nursery is essentially done. We have a few more things to finish up on, then I'll share pictures!
--We had our maternity shoot last weekend with Jenny. I can't wait to see the pictures! She's great.
--Our first baby shower was this past weekend...SO MUCH FUN!! Jaqs is so loved. And we are too.
--We have a shower here this weekend...YAY!!
--Just all-around excitement and anticipation right now...I cannot wait to see her face for the first time! And introducing her to our family and friends...ah! So fun.

Monday, February 27, 2012

girly weekend

I had the best weekend! Jaqs & I had our first baby shower in mine & Rob's hometown of Abilene. Rob couldn't make the trip due to track, so my friends Cassi & Vanessa came with me. Ahh, a girls' weekend was just what the doctor ordered...for all of us!
We arrived at my parents' house Friday to bed treats, of course :) Always fun.
I hadn't seen my dad since before V-day, but he had a late Valentine for me, too! A heart charm for my Pandora bracelet...so thoughtful and made me so happy!!
 My parents took us out to eat that night, then we just relaxed and stayed up way too late eating cookies and girl-talking. Felt like we were in high school again!
The baby shower was Saturday morning....ohhh, it was perfect! More on that to come.
We went shopping that afternoon and had more fun that night!
It was such a GREAT weekend spent with awesome friends.
Thanks mom & dad for being the best hosts ever!
And thank YOU Cassi & Ness for going with me :) Let's do it again!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Join the Wednesday party at Jamie's!
I'm loving the fact that it's already Wednesday! 
We had Monday off, AND I have Friday off! Yay for short work-weeks :)

I'm loving that my mom was here this past weekend, and we got SO MUCH done in the nursery! We had a blast doing it, and Jaqs' room is now my favorite room in the house. It just warms my heart when I walk in there. Mom, I can't thank you enough for all your help...we couldn't have done it without you!
sneak peak of some nursery projects!
Speaking of Jaqs, I'm loving being her home. Seriously. I'm savoring each kick, roll, and jab because I know I'll miss feeling her inside. That said, I can't wait to hold her in my arms! And see her sweet face. And kiss her cheeks over and over and over. Ahh. I'm so happy. We have a maximum of 7 weeks & 6 days until we meet her!
this was in November...she's about 3x that size now!
but we haven't had a scan since then, so this will have to do :)
I'm loving that our first baby shower is THIS WEEKEND!! So much fun.

I realize this is not earth-shattering by any means, but I'm loving the fact that I have 100 followers! I feel like I should have a giveaway to say thank you! Your comments and love always brighten my day. Y'all are the best.

I'm loving Popcorn Indiana popcorn. It's so darn delicious! My favorites are Aged White Cheddar, Cinnamon Sugar & Drizzled Black & White. YUM.
I'm loving Survivor: One World! I haven't watched Survivor in I don't even know how many years, but this season is different. Our head coach's daughter is one of the contestants, so we're having weekly Survivor parties to cheer her on!

I hope you're having a lovely week so far! 

Friday, February 17, 2012


like that title? a little reference to those conversation hearts we love ;) i'm a nerd.

Valentine's day is usually pretty low key around here...we don't brave the restaurant crowds or get each other expensive gifts anymore. For us, it's just about being together and getting one another sappy cards! Perfect! Although, Rob has gotten me red roses every year for the past 9 v-days, so he kept that tradition alive and added some Reese's hearts this year. Why are holiday Reese's cups SO much better than the regular ones?! Yum.
woke-up to that sweet set-up & some muffins i made.
valentine sprinklings around the house
more valentine cheer

mushy cards: ALWAYS "sealed with a kiss"
every card. every time. love it.
 This year we decided to have a little Valentine pot-luck dinner with our friends!
It was so much fun, and we all left miserably full. Success.
valentines for friends
the spread: brown sugar-balsamic pork tenderloin, twice baked potato casserole, strawberry and spinach salad with feta and almonds plus gluten-free fudge brownies for dessert. oink, oink.

Left: The Dunnam's, Right: The Berna's
love these people.
all the girls!

I hope your day was as full of loooove as our's was!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

32 weeks!

big bumpin'

How far along: 32 weeks! Single digit weeks left!!?

Size of baby: According to babycenter.com Jaqs is the size of a large jicama. Does that tell you anything?! It sure doesn't for me...I've never even looked at them at the store. Anyway, she's about 3-4 pounds and 16-17 inches long!

Total weight gain: I have an appointment tomorrow, but I'm guess-timating about 21 lbs. Yowza.

Gender: Baby girl!

Movement: She's still as active as ever! I keep reading she'll probably start to slow down, but she hasn't so far. I'm glad; I love feeling and seeing her.

Sleep: I've gotten a little more uncomfortable in the last couple weeks, but I'm still sleeping soundly. I just wake to readjust and pee. Rob is amused by the effort it takes to roll over these days...haha

What I miss: Being comfortable in clothes! And not having to pee every hour ;)

Cravings: Ohh, pretty much anything and everything! Seriously...sweet salty, savory, sour...you name it, it sounds good to me! And milk...lots of milk.

Maternity clothes: Both, but maternity is definitely the comfiest! My work pants are being stretched to the limit with the belly band, but I refuse to buy more at this point! We'll make it work, even if I have to wash the same ones over and over ;)

Best moments this week: 
--We started childbirth prep class on Monday night! That means the end is near...exciting!
--The nursery is being painted and prepared this upcoming weekend! I don't even have the color picked out, so I'm anxious to see how it will turn out! I love what we have so far.
--I learned that I (we)  have a new talent. See picture below (but don't judge my cray-cray hair!)

my belly is now big enough to be a cup-holder! SCORE!! Most convenient thing ever.

Monday, February 13, 2012

saturday lovin'!

We've come to the realization that our weekends of 'just the two of us' are numbered, (about 8 left, to be exact) so we decided to have a date day on Saturday. We went to a nearby town and just enjoyed being together. A perfect day in my book! We didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but it was so enjoyable. We strolled through stores, had dinner at one of our favorites, Pei Wei, with some sweet friends, then saw a movie and hit up Starbucks.
 Neither one of us could tell you the last movie we saw in a theater together, and we hadn't even been to a movie at all since last summer. I guess it's not really 'our thing,' but we decided to see The Vow. I, of course, am always up for a romance movie, but surprisingly, it was Rob's idea. I think he just knew it'd make me happy ;) The movie was....okay. It was pretty slow at times, and the ending left a lot to be desired. The story is still really sweet, (and sad...duh) but I think the movie could have definitely been better! All in all, I'd say this one is a renter.

We are over-the-moon excited about welcoming our baby girl into this world, but I'm sure we will miss weekends like this one, so I'm glad we're savoring them while we have them. It's funny how almost 4 years of marriage has passed by so quickly. It doesn't feel like almost 9 years ago that I first met Rob, and now we're having a baby! We've kid each other many times that "we're not old enough to be parents!" But I guess we are. Wow. We are abundantly blessed. I love you, baby-daddy.

Whew. Now that this has turned into a sap-fest love post...

Hope you had a great weekend, too! 
We have a lot of fun planned for this week, so I'll be back to share that! 
Have a good Monday ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

a bloesch wedding!

On January 28, 2012 my dear friend, Lexi, married the love of her life! The weekend was so much fun, the wedding was beautiful, and most importantly we got to celebrate the beginning of 'happily ever after' for our friends.

Friday night was, of course, rehearsal and dinner! 
Practice makes perfect, after all...
Saturday morning all of us girls hung out at Lexi's parents house and leisurely got ready for the main event. It was a relaxing morning and afternoon which was just what the bride needed! There was no stress whatsoever...doesn't get any better than that! Once we were all ready, the pictures began and things started to get a little more real...
 Lexi looked gorgeous, didn't she?! Picture perfect dress!

*I don't have any pictures of the actual wedding, so you'll have to keep checking Lexi's blog for those :)*

After the vows were made and rings exchanged, it was time to party! The reception was so fun, and we got to hang out with so many people we love! Friends old and new.

Mr. & Mrs. Bloesch -- I hope your wedding day was just as you dreamed it to be! We were so glad to be a part of the big day, but even happier to be a part of your lives. Your story is just beginning, the best is yet to come! I just know that our God has big plans for you two. Love, love!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm loving that I won Katie's snappy straps giveaway!! 
I'm not the luckiest person when it comes to winning stuff, so obviously I was so excited about this :) 
This beauty will be on its way to me soon!
I'm loving that Valentine's Day is coming up! I love having a few little decorations around the house, but we usually don't do a whole lot for V-day. That's totally fine with me, but this year we have some fun plans that I'm looking forward to!
I didn't even buy these things this year...I know what would happen.
I'm loving that The Vow is coming out this weekend, and we have plans to see it! I haven't been to the movies since last summer, and that wasn't even with Rob, so I'm excited to have a movie date with him. I can't even remember the last time we went together...?
I'm loving chocolate milk. Seriously. I drink it almost every night.
I'm loving this sweet quote originally seen on Pinterest. I'm already overwhelmed with the love that I feel for our angel baby, and I know that will only be multiplied exponentially when I lay eyes on her and hold her in my arms. Ah. I'd love to incorporate a print of this quote in her nursery.
I'm loving that we just have 9(ish) weeks left until we get to meet sweet baby Jaqs!
Holy cow. Single digit weeks, people! So, so excited.

I'm loving my adorable, thoughtful, hunk-of-a-man hubby! Of course. That's a given.
Mike & Lexi's wedding last weekend.

What are you loving today??

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

weekend, friends & a birthday!

We had a pretty lazy weekend sprinkled with some fun with friends!

Friday night was spent with shrimp fajitas and the tv at home. Rob had to be up early to go to Austin for the regional coaches meeting, so we just laid low and relaxed.

Saturday wasn't terribly exciting either, but we had a fun double date that night! My lifelong friend, Melissa, lives in the town over from us, and we don't get together nearly as often as we should! Her bf was in town, so we decided to go to dinner and fix that :) We had a blast! No pictures, but hopefully we'll be doing that again soon, and we'll get some then!

Sunday morning we went to church and started a new Sunday School class that we're really excited about. I think it will be great! After a couple errands and lunch, we got ready to go celebrate The Dunnam's "baby" Tate! He's TWO! Seems like just last week that Cassi was pregnant with him. Why does time fly by so quickly?!
Tater had so much fun opening his presents!
He was even willing to share...no terrible twos here :)
Isn't he a great little picture-taker? If he knows you're taking one he'll say 
"CHEEEESE!" then "I see?" Ha, he keeps us laughing!
After Tate's tail-gate, we watched the Super Bowl together as well. 
Well, the guys watched it, the girls tuned into parts of it! I was mostly preoccupied with queso, guacamole and the gluten-free cupcakes that Cassi made ;)
Can ya blame me?! I think not.

Hope you had a fun weekend, too!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi all! I'm linking up with Leslie of A Blonde Ambition today for Confessional Friday!

1. A lot of my regular wardrobe also functions as maternity wear...should I be concerned by that? Does this mean I walk around looking pregnant even when I'm not? Hmm...

2. I'm a little bitter towards the Girl Scouts for not making a gluten free cookie. Get with it, girls! It's 2012.

3. I have to talk myself out of hitting up the coke machine at work almost daily. For the record, I only actually get a coke once a week...if that, but it's a battle ;-) Avoiding Sonic happy hour on the weekends is a whole other story. Will-power, people.

4. I'm so stinkin' excited about our upcoming baby showers. Is that vain? I hope not because I can't wait. Now, if I could stay off our online registry...

5. Every time a stranger asks me when I'm due I want to tell them I'm not pregnant just to see how bad they feel. I haven't done it yet (and probably won't), but asking a woman if she's pregnant is awfully brave (or stupid) if you ask me. I know I wouldn't dare!

6. Last week I noticed a bunch of nice, like-new Uhaul boxes on the curb of someone's new house while I was on my walk, so when I got home, I drove over there and asked the man if I could have them. He was happy to get rid of them, and they now reside in our attic with the rest of our boxes. Now, we're definitely not planning on going anywhere ANY time soon, but I've learned it's always good to be prepared! And boxes aren't cheap when you purchase them at Uhaul, you know! It made me feel sort of like a lunatic...but I'll thank myself someday ;)

7. I had a dream about Jaqs last night, and she came out of the womb TALKING. What the?! Why does pregnancy make you have such crazy dreams?

8. This "winter" weather has me seriously concerned for what's in store this summer. We've had a few cold days, but mostly it's been in the 60s or 70s this year. It's nice, but I hope this doesn't mean we're in for another tortuous summer. I'm sure it does, though. Waaahhh.

That's all I've got...for now...

Happy Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 weeks!

growing girls

How far along: 30 weeks! Hard to believe we're in the 30s now...not long to go :)

Size of baby: According to thebump.com Jaqs is the size of a squash. She's somewhere between 15-17 inches long and 2.5-4 pounds! Wow!

Total weight gain: Up 19 pounds.

Gender: Baby girl!

Movement: Oh yes. Her movements are quite obvious and more like a kneading feeling against my insides now rather than little kicks and squirms. She still prefers my right side!

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well most of the time. I wake up more to shift around and use the bathroom, but I feel rested most days!

What I miss: I miss being able to wear everything in my closet, but that's about it. So worth it!

Cravings: My appetite has decreased, but I snack ALL. THE. TIME. I just can't eat big meals really. My current favorites are: still cold cereal, crackers with cheese...especially cream cheese, fruit and milk.

Symptoms: Shortness of breath and occasional numbness in my hands/feet/limbs. Oh, and my bladder seems as though it's the size of a pea! If you really want to know.

Maternity clothes: Still working with both.

Best moments this week: 
--We had a check up this morning, and the doctor said everything looked perfect. He always makes me feel so good about things! Baby girl's heart-rate was strong, and she is already head down. Hopefully she'll stay that way :
--We're down to every-2-week appointments! Yippeeeeee!!
--The bedding is done and in the crib! I love it.
--Jaqs got her first monogrammed outfit. Thanks again, Jennifer! It's adorable.

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