Monday, February 27, 2012

girly weekend

I had the best weekend! Jaqs & I had our first baby shower in mine & Rob's hometown of Abilene. Rob couldn't make the trip due to track, so my friends Cassi & Vanessa came with me. Ahh, a girls' weekend was just what the doctor ordered...for all of us!
We arrived at my parents' house Friday to bed treats, of course :) Always fun.
I hadn't seen my dad since before V-day, but he had a late Valentine for me, too! A heart charm for my Pandora thoughtful and made me so happy!!
 My parents took us out to eat that night, then we just relaxed and stayed up way too late eating cookies and girl-talking. Felt like we were in high school again!
The baby shower was Saturday morning....ohhh, it was perfect! More on that to come.
We went shopping that afternoon and had more fun that night!
It was such a GREAT weekend spent with awesome friends.
Thanks mom & dad for being the best hosts ever!
And thank YOU Cassi & Ness for going with me :) Let's do it again!


Ketrin Jones said...

girlll I need a side shot belly pic asap! :) really wish I could have been there for the shower. can't wait to see the pics!
xoxo have a great week love!

Mateya said...

Sounds fun! You look fantastic and I just love that dress! So cute!

Brandi said...

U look so stinkin' cute preggers!!! Yeah for awesome friends!!

Beth Ann said...

Bed treats...I mean, that is just ridiculously sweet.

So, I totally know that you got your dress from Target because I was just browsing the sale racks today (um, yeah it's on sale now...probably wasn't when you bought it!) and I LOVED it and then I saw that it was maternity...and I wished I was pregnant again. Just for a second.

You look FABULOUS and I LOVE the red shoes. Your friends' dresses are adorable, too. I'm going to need you to tell me where "friend-in-the-lace-dress" got that dress because I neeeeeed it! ;)

I don't want to seem stalkeresque so I'm not going to tell you that I'm a little sad that I wasn't at your baby shower.

Bahahaha ;) Can't wait to see pics and read all about it!

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