Monday, October 31, 2011

she's how old?

This little angel had a birthday on Saturday!
 I don't know how she's already 4!
We celebrated her with a mermaid party...
 Kenneth, my dad & Natalie's grandpas...
Love this little pizza face.
 She had a fun time with ALL her friends...big & small.

 But she told me I was her BEST friend. Melt my heart :)
Aren't her piggies precious??

Natalie was so excited KB & Nicole got to come to her party.
But she told her mom that football was dumb because it made Rob miss it!
I can't blame her, she just wanted all her faves to be there!
 We had so much fun celebrating one our favorite little people 
and just can't believe how big she's getting! We love you, Nattie J!

The rest of my weekend was spent in Abilene simply enjoying being with my family (we all missed Rob, of course!) Family weekends are just the best...and make me SO ready for the holidays! Ready or's November tomorrow :) Woohoo!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

home sweet home: living & kitchen/dining

I've been saying since we moved here at the end of May that I'd post pictures of our house. 
The day has finally come! It's true, pigs are flying.
To simplify things, I'm going to break the "tour" up a room or two at a time--which won't take long because it's not like we live in a mansion ;)
When you walk into our house, you're basically in the living room. We have a small entry-way which can be seen in THIS post. I forgot to include it bad!
Here's what you see when you walk in: living room
Our house is open-concept, and the kitchen is off to the left.
No walls make arranging furniture kind of tricky, I learned!
 Components for the TV plus DVD storage boxes:
 We really have no use for a fire place here in central TX, so I prefer to decorate inside. 
Ours is filled with wine bottles and corks from a variety of friends/family.
 Left: basket with chalkboard for blankets & to hide the laptop/cords.
Right: on the mantle...glittery pumpkins on candlesticks for fall!
 Left: sofa table behind the couch
Right: on the coffee table...tray with some essentials & decor
 Back corner of the living room:
 Looking into the kitchen/dining from the living:
 Kitchen view from dining:
 Left: bar with plenty of room for guests
Right: coffee bar & door going into laundry
 Baby already has his/her picture up, of course!
The sink looks out the back door & I can watch TV while I do the dishes :)
 I really love the dark wood cabinets.
 Nic-nacs: a vintage pink fridge given to me by a special's filled with all kinds of useful office supplies disguised as groceries! So stinkin' cute. I love it.
Salt & pepper shakers that were my great-great-grandmother's. Love those too.
 Dining room & china hutch -- sorry this is so dark!
 Left: centerpiece on dining table
Right: hutch filled with dishes and other mementos.

Thanks for taking a looksy into our home! 
I'll try my hardest to be prompt with the rest, but I know better than to promise it ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

16 weeks! And the game.

hi wee-one!
How far along: 16 weeks

Size of baby: According to baby is the size of an avocado. S/he is about 4.6 inches long and weighing in at 3.5 ounces! Keep growing, angel!

Total weight gain: Up about a pound, I think.

Gender: We'll find out in just over 3 excited for that!

Movement: I'm still not feeling it, but baby is plenty busy in there :)

Sleep: Sleep is good! And I can finally get through the day without feeling like I NEED a nap. Well, assuming I get my 9ish hours at night, of course.

Rob didn't think it was fair that he never
gets his pic taken, and he wanted
to be featured in the bump-date!
He keeps me laughing...
What I miss: Nothing!

Cravings: Not having any recurring ones, really, but right now I could go for a Heath bar blizzard! Yum. Still hating cilantro, by the way. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat the stuff again. Gag me.

Symptoms: Unfortunately still having nausea...I'm ready for that to go away. Feeling less tired, though, so that's great! Still having boody noses, and I've starting getting forgetful. Example: I went to work last week in my super casual flip-flops pictured above. Whoops.

Maternity clothes: The day came: I can no longer button OR zip most of my pants. The belly band is in full force! Loving that thing.

Best moment this week: Feeling less exhausted and being able to get through the day without feeling like I could go to sleep on my desk  :)

And in other news, the Wildcats got their 3rd district win last Thursday night!!
Temple Cats: 21 Shoemaker Greywolves: 18
WOOHOO!! We have 2 games left and hopefully a play-off run will follow that.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Last Friday night, the Temple Wildcats took on their RIVALS...the Belton Tigers.
The stakes were high, the kids were excited, and the stadium was packed to the brim.
The CATS were on fire, and we came out on top! 23-8 was the final score, and we are all so proud of our CATS and their COACHES!
 My sweet momma came to town to help me get ready for the after-game party that was at our house. We had a lot to celebrate, and it was so much fun! Thanks for all your help :)
 Tonight we take on Killeen Shoemaker! The Cats have found their rhythm, and they are ready to claim another district "W"! I can't wait for 7:00.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

in this house.

Waaay back in August, Roxanne hosted our annual "Girls' Night Out" to kick off the season for the coaches' wives. She does this each year to make us feel loved, appreciated, and excited for the season ahead. It is always so much fun! She collects throughout the year and gifts us with lots of fun stuff, but my favorite thing this year was 3 hours of her time to "fluff" our "stuff." 
I took advantage of some of my time last week:
I'm sure you've seen several variations on these "House Rules" on Pinterest, and I wanted one especially for OUR home. I came up with a list, and Roxanne jotted them out on my freshly painted and assembled chalkboard.
I really, really love the way it turned out. 
And it's such a great reminder to see every day.
Thank you, Roxanne, for your willingness to give! You truly are a servant of our Lord, and you bless so many with your talents!

Monday, October 17, 2011

forever friends.

You know those friends that you just know will be your friends forever?
The kind that you don't necessarily have to talk to every day to 
know that they'll always have your back?
The kind that you could call at 2 a.m. just to cry to if you needed to?
The kind that you have so many funny memories with that you could laugh the whole time you're together just reminiscing?
Yeah, I've been blessed with some of those.
And I'm so thankful for them.
Anna has been my BFF since 5th grade...
we've shared more than half of our lives (whoa) together, and I just love her!
Ketrin came into our lives in high school. She is so much fun. 
We were even roomies for a short period of time...
but we realized we'd rather be friends than roomies ;)
Ha, I'm just glad we recognized that & got to spare our friendship.
 We've spent many-a-night together...
 Been on trips together...
Celebrating together...
And just living life together.
 Last Tuesday, they came to town to see Rob and me.
It was, of course, a blast! And went by way too fast.
They are so excited about Baby G, and that just warms my heart.
Love you girls! Thanks for coming to see us.
Must happen again soon.
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