Monday, October 17, 2011

forever friends.

You know those friends that you just know will be your friends forever?
The kind that you don't necessarily have to talk to every day to 
know that they'll always have your back?
The kind that you could call at 2 a.m. just to cry to if you needed to?
The kind that you have so many funny memories with that you could laugh the whole time you're together just reminiscing?
Yeah, I've been blessed with some of those.
And I'm so thankful for them.
Anna has been my BFF since 5th grade...
we've shared more than half of our lives (whoa) together, and I just love her!
Ketrin came into our lives in high school. She is so much fun. 
We were even roomies for a short period of time...
but we realized we'd rather be friends than roomies ;)
Ha, I'm just glad we recognized that & got to spare our friendship.
 We've spent many-a-night together...
 Been on trips together...
Celebrating together...
And just living life together.
 Last Tuesday, they came to town to see Rob and me.
It was, of course, a blast! And went by way too fast.
They are so excited about Baby G, and that just warms my heart.
Love you girls! Thanks for coming to see us.
Must happen again soon.
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