Thursday, March 29, 2012

the nursery!

Ahh, finally! The nursery post! I love the way everything turned out. I didn't really have a theme or a vision...just fabric, several DIY Pinterest projects, and a paint color. I think it came together really well, though. Everything is in its place and ready for the little miss!
So, without further adieu, here are the pictures...

the overview: looking in from the hallway
ribbon wreath on the door
armoire...the whole reason we chose antique white furniture!
crib + fabric petal balls made by yours truly
close-up of fabric
absolutely in love with the bedding! it turned out so cute, i think.
tie-up diaper holder
comfiest rocker/glider! we love it already.
stocked closet! thank goodness for hand-me-downs from a good friend!
and of course, there's several things from others in there as well :)
extra closet storage for accessories, toys, books, etc.
DIY bow/headband holder
my daughter.
a perfectly girly chandelier!

There you have it! I can't wait to bring Jaqs home to her room :) Not that she'll be spending a ton of time in there at the beginning...ha! I love to go just sit and look around in there and smell all her clean, baby-scented clothes. Ah, so sweet.

Wall color: functional gray, Sherwin Williams
Bedding: fabric from Hobby Lobby - custom made by a friend.
(Abilene people--you can e-mail me for her name/number!)
(those bad boys are quite time consuming! but the result is worth it, i think)
Chandelier: Ikea 
(converted to a swag-lamp by my handy dad!)
Closet storage: Lowe's

The blank canvases can't be finished without Jaqs! We do have plans for those :)
If you're curious about sources of anything else, just let me know. Thanks for taking a peak!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

38 weeks! {{warning: bare belly}}

another self portrait! 

How far along: 38 weeks!
Size of baby: Baby girl is the size of a watermelon! Dr. F guestimates that she weighs about 6.5-7 lbs right now, but he said babies have a tendency to hide in taller people, so he could be off, but he feels confident I won't be delivering a 10 pounder....PTL. She's somewhere around 20 inches long.
Total weight gain: +28 lbs.
Movement: Still quite a bit of movement in the way of kicks. Jaqs has been having the hiccups, too! I felt those for the first time last cool! I still enjoy every little movement...I know I'll miss it!
Sleep: I'm still sleeping well; thank goodness because I'm pretty tired by then end of the day! Waking up several times to pee, of course ;) That's a given.
What I miss: Being comfortable.
Cravings: Y'all know this one by now! Milk & cereal.

Symptoms: Sporadic BH contractions, lower back pain, pelvic pressure, constant peeing, and puffy feet at the end of the day.

Maternity clothes: Maternity!! I don't have much left to work with. Good thing I only have 8 work days left to go!! (max...I wouldn't mind if it were fewer! You hear that, Jaqs?!)

Best moments this week:
--Bags are packed, nursery is 100% ready, and all baby gear is ready to go!
--Knowing we could have our girl at ANY time. I have a little anxiety about delivery having never done it before, (duh) but I'm ready to get the show on the road! That being said, I can definitely be patient for a couple more weeks if that's what happens, too. God knows Jaqs' birthday!
--The wonderful people I work with gave us one last was so sweet! I'm thankful to be surrounded by GOOD people...such a blessing!

The Texas wildflowers are BEAUTIFUL right now, so my mama wanted to get my picture in them bare-bellied. I didn't really plan on sharing any, but what the heck!
No shame in my game.
37 weeks, 5 days
Also, just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your sweet comments on our maternity pictures! Y'all really know how to make a girl feel good! :) Thank you also for your help on what to pack...I feel like I have everything I need now! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

a nest-ful weekend!

We had another fabulous weekend! My dad's iPhone needed to be replaced, and there just so happens to be an Apple store about 45 minutes down the road from us, so my parents decided to spend the weekend in Temple :) I'm kinda getting used to seeing them all the time!
They came in late Friday evening, so I spent most of my evening at the track meet so I could spend a little time with my hubby. He's a busy man right now due to track!

Saturday morning, my mom and I just ran some errands while my dad golfed and Rob worked at the meet. My parents and I then spent that afternoon in Austin, and my brother was able to join us, too! Dad got his new phone, and we ate at P.F. Chang's....YUM. My fave.

Saturday evening was spent outside! The weather has been awesome, so I've been itching to get some things planted for Spring! Let's hope we don't have one of those unexpected Easter freezes this year ;) Being that I'm 9 months preggo, no one in my family lets me do much, so my mom and dad did all the work! How great is that?! Dad mowed for us since Rob was still gone, and my mom planted flowers.
front porch planters
now our front entry is even ready for Jaqs!
my mom hard at work!
Before my parents hit the road on Sunday, my dad & Rob added the FINISHING touches to the nursery! The chandelier is now hung and the curtains have tie-backs. Woohoo! 
Feels good to have that 100% ready for our girl :)
Plus, I can finally share the nursery pics!
We love when G-Pop and Sugar come to visit!! They're the best!

Totally unrelated note, but I ordered blog books via Blog2Print, and they came in over the weekend! I'm so excited to have the first 2 years of this blog printed into books now. This has been my intention for my blog all along, but I just hadn't got around to doing it. Blog2Print makes it really easy to organize your can choose exactly which posts go into your book as well as the layout of the pages, covers of the books, etc. The only thing I don't really like is that the cover choices and fonts are kinda blah. BUT what's important to me is to have the memories on pages to flip through in the future!
 B2P didn't ask (or pay) me to share my opinions on their products...I just wanted to share my opinions with you in case you were thinking of doing something like this as well!

Friday, March 23, 2012

maternity pictures!

Our maternity shoot was so much fun! The fabulous Jenny of Jenny Linh Photography worked her magic for us, and we're extremely pleased with the result. Jenny is the daughter-in-law of the HC Rob has worked for since the beginning of his career, Coach Spradlin, so we've had the pleasure of knowing her for several years now. She's amazingly talented, so easy to work with, and just downright sweet! You should definitely check out her blog to see how great she is :)

Here are a few of my favorites from our sesh...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

37 weeks!

Hey y'all! Remember me?? Still preggers.
I haven't had any motivation to blog in the last week...I blame it on Spring Break! We had such an awesome break together...we got to go home-home for a few days and spend some QT with family and friends. It was perfect! I'm so glad we got to do that one last time pre-bambino.
I've got a few things I need to post...mostly baby-related, so if you're not into that sorta thing...well, you've reached the wrong blog at this time ;)
Just kidding. about a bump-date??
Check out that belly-button! Haha, I feel like it will never recover from being forced so far out there!

by the time my photog gets home, i'm in my pj's...whoops.
iphone pics it is this week! ;-)

How far along: 37 weeks -- FULL term!
Size of baby: Baby girl is the size of a watermelon! She feels like it, too ;) She's anywhere from 19-22 inches long and around 6-7 lbs.
Total weight gain: +28 lbs. I'll be glad when I stop seeing the scale climb! But our goal was 30 lbs., so I guess that's good...
Movement: feets are in my ribs pretty often! Reminds me to sit up straight. And that I can't wait to kiss those tiny toes.
Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good. I get up 3-4 times to pee, but I can usually get right back to sleep. Rolling over sure does require a lot of effort.
What I miss: Being comfortable.
Cravings: I'll give you one guess....
(If you said milk & cereal, you'd be correct.)

Symptoms: Sporadic contractions, lower back pain, pelvic pressure, constant peeing, and my feet are starting to swell by day's end...ahh, pregnancy. It truly is a beautiful thing. And no, I'm not being sarcastic...I've loved it.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much all maternity. I have a few non-maternity tops that still work, but I don't even mess with the belly band anymore. Too tight!

Best moments this week: 
--Just knowing we've MADE IT! Jaqs can come any time she pleases now.
--Had our appointment yesterday...dilated to a 2 & 50% effaced. Dr. F said she's started to make her descent, so that explains the pressure, of course!
--Rob & I have been working on getting the last of our "baby stuff" ready. We finally got the travel system...yippee!
--I've yet to dream about what Jaqs looks like, but Rob, who NEVER remembers his dreams, had one the other night. He said she was "perfect & so pretty." What a sweet daddy he is. He's already smitten with this little princess.
--I'm getting SO ANXIOUS to meet this girl! She is so, so loved already, and she has lots of people waiting to get "the call." I'm over-the-moon excited!
We still have some things to get done before Jaqs gets pack our bags!! I'm usually so on-top of things like that, but this is one thing I've put off, and I'm not sure why. Any advice on what to pack or what not to pack?? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!
Hope you're having a fantastic week! :)
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