Thursday, March 29, 2012

the nursery!

Ahh, finally! The nursery post! I love the way everything turned out. I didn't really have a theme or a vision...just fabric, several DIY Pinterest projects, and a paint color. I think it came together really well, though. Everything is in its place and ready for the little miss!
So, without further adieu, here are the pictures...

the overview: looking in from the hallway
ribbon wreath on the door
armoire...the whole reason we chose antique white furniture!
crib + fabric petal balls made by yours truly
close-up of fabric
absolutely in love with the bedding! it turned out so cute, i think.
tie-up diaper holder
comfiest rocker/glider! we love it already.
stocked closet! thank goodness for hand-me-downs from a good friend!
and of course, there's several things from others in there as well :)
extra closet storage for accessories, toys, books, etc.
DIY bow/headband holder
my daughter.
a perfectly girly chandelier!

There you have it! I can't wait to bring Jaqs home to her room :) Not that she'll be spending a ton of time in there at the beginning...ha! I love to go just sit and look around in there and smell all her clean, baby-scented clothes. Ah, so sweet.

Wall color: functional gray, Sherwin Williams
Bedding: fabric from Hobby Lobby - custom made by a friend.
(Abilene people--you can e-mail me for her name/number!)
(those bad boys are quite time consuming! but the result is worth it, i think)
Chandelier: Ikea 
(converted to a swag-lamp by my handy dad!)
Closet storage: Lowe's

The blank canvases can't be finished without Jaqs! We do have plans for those :)
If you're curious about sources of anything else, just let me know. Thanks for taking a peak!


Kaila Nickel said...

I love this nursery! It is so cute and made with so much love. Amazing job, Boyk! Love you & little Jaqs!

Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

Super cute!! Love it! Jaqs is going to be so chic in her room.

Beth Ann said...

It's beautiful! So many darling little touches. I love it all... I REALLY love the curtains! It's all just lovely!

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Wow everything looks amazing! She's going to be one lucky little girl. You guys did a great job, and pretty soon you'll be sharing it with your little bundle of joy :)

yarger gal said...

absolutely adorable. get as much sleep and couple time as you can. it's all about to change...for the better, of course!!

Stephanie said...

These is the most adorable nursery I have ever seen! Jaqs is going to be a true little princess!

Whitney said...

Very cute!!

Loren said...

Oh my gosh Katie! It's gorgeous! I LOVE the bedding and wall color. All it needs now is a sweet little princess in it. I keep checking FB to see if you've had her! I'm making some poms for Pyper's room right now, they are time consuming! Hope mine turn out as cute as yours!

Andrea said...

Oh how cute! Everything looks so perfect. I love her closet!! A baby can never have too many clothes! Have a great weekend ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

Emily Marie said...

The nursery looks too CUTE! I love reading soon to be mamma blogs since I've been pregnant! I hope she comes soon for you....Good Luck with everything:)

Michelle said...

beautiful nursery! i especially love the chandelier and fabric balls from the ceiling. great job, katie!

Katie said...

Katie this is so beautiful. I can already imagine little Jaqs growing up and playing in this beautiful room. You are all going to have such sweet memories here and I'm so excited for the next wonderful chapter in all of your lives. Congratulations on the room and Happy Baby Month!!

Kaycee said...

OMG her room is absolutely beautiful! I love it!!! Now that precious baby needs to come along!! Hope things are well and you meet your baby girl soon!

Anonymous said...

this room is so amazing. i just love all the simplicity that makes it so beautiful. great job with the diy. I love the paisley bedding.

Megan said...

Everything is totally adorable!!!! I love that glider. Where is it from? We have had SO much trouble finding a glider. And thanks for the grey paint tip!! We definitely want to paint soon!!

[darci @ the good life] said...

Wow!! Her nursery is stunning!! And look at that closet full of clothes! Jackson's nursery was just picture perfect for the longest time, and then he became mobile! Ha!!! I'm so very certain you know what I'm talking about!!

Anonymous said...

I love your nursery. It's so pretty. I am almost done doing the nursery for my little girl. I have also turned to Pinterest for inspiration but basically just doing some DIY projects, hoping it will all come together.

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