Tuesday, April 3, 2012

39 weeks!

39 weeks & looking tired...ha ;)
How far along: 39 weeks!

Size of baby: Baby girl is the size of a watermelon! She's weighing in somewhere around 7-8 lbs and is about 20 inches long!

Total weight gain: +28 lbs.

Movement: Still plenty of movement. Lots of squirmy feet and hiccups :) She'll also stick her little hiney out to one side of my stomach...it looks so crazy!

Sleep: Well, I'm still sleeping! In between hoisting myself from one side to the other and bathroom visits, that is ;) I'm feeling really tired all over again, though.

What I miss: Being able to get dressed without worry that my belly is hanging out!

Cravings: I'm still digging milk and cereal, but my appetite has definitely decreased. Feeling so full is just not appealing right now...

Symptoms: Sporadic BH contractions, cramping, lower back pain, pelvic pressure, constant peeing, and puffy feet at the end of the day. Still no "true labor" signs to report. 

Maternity clothes: Maternity...most definitely. Big mama.

Best moments this week:
--We made a little progress at the doctor this week...I'm dilated to a 3, so we just need some contractions! Come on Jaqs! Lots of people are waiting for you, angel.
--Getting more and more anxious to see our baby girl's face and kiss her sweet cheeks. We're so ready!!
--We had the option to induce this week, but we wanted to give Jaqs a little more time to come on her own. If she hasn't arrived by Monday, then we'll set a date for eviction ;) So we're looking at a max of about 10-14 (depending on scheduling) days! Eeeeeee!!


Mateya said...

Eeeek!!! :) I can't even contain my excitement!!!!

You look beautiful!

Come on Jaqs! The Easter Bunny wants to meet you :)

Jenna E said...


Beth Ann said...

39 weeks and looking fabulous!!!

Where are the gigantic swollen ankles and feet?!?!

Jealous... ;)

Loren said...

You look great little mama!! I was starting to wonder if no post meant that little princess had made her debut! I know your so ready!! So excited for you!

Heather said...

I can't wait to see pictures of baby girl! I hope she decides to come soon!

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