Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I'm loving that I work with such wonderful people! They gave us a little lunch shower a couple weeks ago, and we are SO grateful for that! We have a good supply of diapers and gift cards thanks to my awesome co-workers :)
 Y'all have been such a blessing to me in the 8 months I've known you...THANK YOU for your generosity and excitement for us as we move into this next stage of life!
I'm loving the warm weather we've had lately! It's been in the low 80s, so it's enjoyable rather than MISERABLE like summers tend to be. I'm looking forward to getting back into regular clothes...especially cotton skirts! And especially maxis like this one:
How cute is this? Too bad it's $178. So not in my budget.

I'm loving Fashion Star! I've always been a Jessica Simpson (Newlyweds, anyone? *tear*) fan, so of course, I had to watch this! Orly and Sarah are my favorites! 
I'm loving my sweet hubby, as always! Have you heard? He's gonna be a daddy SOON! YAY! He's going to be a darn good one, too. I already know it.


Jen | Our Happy Family said...

Found you through the link up... I love Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds too! Congrats on your soon to be here baby! The last few days/weeks are so exciting!

Beth Ann said...

I've always been a Jessica Simpson fan and I'm still sad that she and Nick aren't together anymore. ;( Fun that you are pregnant at the same time she is! ;)

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