Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break, The Run-Down

Hey y'all! I had so much fun with the Spring posts last week, but I've been slacking this week. We were in Abilene for Spring Break last week, so I've been playing catch-up around the house and getting ready for a certain little girl's FIRST birthday! EXCITING!!
We had a lot of fun last week, so I couldn't just skip over about a shortened version?

We had Jaqsy baby's 1 year pictures taken by Megan; here's a sneak...
We celebrated St. Patty's by wearing GREEN...
my earrings were counts.
 We logged many hours in Grammie & G-Pop's backyard...
We lunched with friends...
We "shared" every meal with GP...
 We practiced our driving which is obviously very SERIOUS business...
We played with Grandma Galusha & perfected our climbing skills...
 We had relaxing lunches with Nanny & Popo...
Mommy & Daddy went out with friends...
 And we celebrated Tatum Paige at her first baby shower! Cannot wait to meet her.
 Maybe the biggest thing we did though was DROPPING BOTTLES! No, not popping bottles, but this is certainly reason for celebration. Jaqs got rid of 2 bottles, and we have 2 left to go. Mommy will be pretty sad to lose the bedtime bottle though, I must say.
such a big girl.

So there you have it, the run-down on our Spring Break. 
It was a treat to get so much time with Rob, and it has us all itching for Summer time!

P.S.--Grammie? We've got to get you in some pictures this weekend :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring DIY

I've always got several craft or home projects running through my head, and I only wish that my budget allowed for everything I dream up! Today I thought I'd share a few inexpensive things on my Spring DIY to do list!

Our home has a front facing garage that I really don't care for, so I'd love to give it a little something by adding some decorative hardware! I think it definitely gives a home more curb appeal.
 If you've been around this blog before, then you probably know that I make a wreath for just about every occasion! Why should Spring be any different? This one is so cute and may be the inspiration for my next front door pretty!
I mentioned awhile ago that we had some plans for a "play area" in the living room, and I'm thinking these pallet shelves would be perfect for housing books, pictures and other decor for that space. What do you think? They look very simple to make; I think I could even pull it off on my own.
As for my never-gonna-happen project? That would be this:
Our home has a very small covered porch area that is big enough for our grill, some plants, and maybe a chair or two. The rest is grass with zero landscaping or any place for Jaqs to scoot around on her toys. I would LOVE to be able to extend our patio, add a pergola, and have some outdoor furniture, but it's probably not going to happen any time soon. WHY doesn't Yard Crashers visit Temple?! Our yard would be the perfect candidate! Oh well, a girl can dream.

I'm linking up once again for the Hello Spring link-up party!
Simply Smithwick

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Cleaning

Today's "Hello Spring" topic is all about Spring cleaning. I'm kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning and organization, so I definitely use Spring as my time to start fresh and new!

Now that I'm a momma, I'm even more aware of the things I'm using to clean my home. I use a whole lot of vinegar for all sorts of things. It has TONS of uses, but the smell is kind of rank. To make it a little less harsh, I add orange peels to my vinegar bottle. This adds a slightly citrus aroma to it while cutting the strength of the smell!
I keep a bottle of diluted (3/1) vinegar handy for spot cleaning floors, toys, countertops, etc.! I like knowing that what I'm using doesn't have any harmful effects on me or my family, not to mention, it's CHEAP.

Jaqs' toys pretty much stay covered in slobber, so I try to disinfect them from time to time. In order to do this, I just fill up her baby tub with warm water and add in a about a cup of white vinegar + a heavy pour of peroxide. Swirl them around in the bath, then rinse them with water and let them dry completely!
As for the heavy-duty Spring cleaning? I function very well with lists, so I downloaded the PaperlessLite app on my iPhone. You can literally keep a list for any and every thing all in one place. I have a daily list, a Spring cleaning list, and a 1st birthday list going right now. There is something so satisfying about checking things off! Or is that just me?
My Spring Cleaning To Do's
I've found that doing ALL of one project at a time works better for me than going room to room, so I prefer to tackle ALL of the baseboards in one day or ALL of the blinds. I know a lot of people like going room to room, but I always feel like if I have the supplies for one project out, then I might as well go all out!

Another handy tip I discovered via Pinterest is turning hangers at the beginning of a season. You turn all your hangers facing the opposite direction, then once you wear the item, you turn it back to normal. I did this for the Fall/Winter, and I was surprised at the things that were never touched! It made them easier to donate knowing they hadn't been worn in over a year.
As for general organizing? Baskets are my best friend! I have them under cabinets, in every closet, and in our pantry. I try to keep like items corralled in one place, but it is something I'm always having to clean up and re-do as things just get out of place with every day use!

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Check it out, this has been fun!

The Best Is Yet to Come

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Fashion: Dress Obsessed

I'm continuing on with the "Hello Spring" link-party hosted by Mateya and some other lovely ladies! Today's topic is Spring Fashion. I blogged some about this last week, but I decided to build on my dress obsession and do it again. You can find me wearing comfy dresses quite often in the Spring & Summer! They're so easy and not to mention breezy in the summer heat. I love them! Here are some favorite finds:
Dress Obsessed
click set for details
The printed Mod Cloth dress is SO adorable, but so out of my budget. I'm a bargain shopper through and through, so I'd rather buy 5 dresses for that price at Target, Old Navy, and Forever 21!
T-strap sandals are also an every day thing for me...can't get enough.

Can't wait to see what you're loving this season!

The Best Is Yet to Come

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Bucket List!

I know I keep harping on Spring, but I think it may be my most favorite season of them all! When I saw that my friend Mateya was hosting a Spring link party with some other fabulous ladies this week, I just had to join in the fun! Today I give you our Spring bucket list! These are only a few of the things topping our to-do list in the months to come.
Planting flowers and cleaning the house top to bottom are always Spring projects for me, but we'll definitely be mixing in lots of fun with the baby girl, too! If you've been around this blog lately, you know that Jaqs is practically a professional park-player by now, so swinging will continue to be a favorite activity around here. Of course, we have her BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY to celebrate very soon, and I'm so excited about that!

The Best Is Yet to Come
Click to visit any of these blogs and join in on the fun! :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Randoms {this week}

This week has been nearly perfect for us! I think the Spring weather has just put a pep in my step, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself when we were in teething hell a couple weeks ago ;) Ha! Kidding. Kind of.
I know most people feel very strongly about DST, but I LOVE it! Rob doesn't get home until 6:30ish, so it's nice that it's not dark when he gets in. Jaqs has even adjusted her schedule a bit, so she's getting some extra daddy time in the evenings. We're all enjoying this welcomed change.

On Monday night, Rob got off a little early, so he came home with flowers for me, and we got to have dinner as a family! It was such a treat :) I made gluten free spaghetti with turkey meatballs. This was a first for the baby girl, and she gobbled it up.
Secret: I grated up carrots and zucchini in my sauce for extra nutrition & flavor!
 On Tuesday night we went to Chick-fil-A with some friends for Kids Eat Free night. Another first for J! Let me tell you what, she is a BIG fan of their nuggets! She polished them off and loved every last bite.
you've been holding out on me, mom.
 On Wednesday night, Cassi, Vanessa, and I met up with one of our Abilene buddies that was passing through, Mandi! It was so much fun to spend some time together. You gotta love those friendships that feel like no time at all has passed in between visits!
 Momma stayed out later than her normal bedtime, but Jaqs must have known because she slept until NINE the next morning! What a girl! She greeted me with the best bed head you ever did see :)
And in other news, we are in the process of weaning from bottles over here. We've successfully dropped one this week! Go baby, go! We'll work on another one this upcoming week. Fortunately, she seems to be diggin' the cow's milk, and I can't blame her. I snuck some of her vitamin D milk, and OH MY. It's good stuff.
practicing in the mirror, of course.
We decided to take advantage of the extra day light (and warmth!) last night and head to the park after dinner, and I'm so glad we did! Jaqs was absolutely thrilled. There were several dogs there that she "barked" at, plus some people were playing basketball, so of course, she was excited about the "baw!" Add in swinging? The girl was in HEAVEN. She had a blast and just giggled the whole time we were there.
momma loves to swing too!

Well, this ended up being more of a life update than a 'random' post, but that's okay, right? 
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Fever

I know I haven't been the only one itching for Spring, and with last weekend's time change I'm just THAT much more ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather headed our way! After all, we have to savor these perfect, 70 degree days before we head into melt down mode.
I can't pick just one favorite color, but mint and coral are definitely topping my list this year! It seems like everything I pick up is one or the other lately. Here are some things you'll likely see me wearing in the near future:

Spring Fever
{click set for details}
  • I've got to get more maxi dresses in my closet ASAP. This one from Old Navy looks like the perfect addition for not a lot of cash.
  • These J.Crew tees look super comfy, but the Target Boyfriend tees are my go-tos. Just $5 right now! Love them.
  • Colored skinnies never get old to me. My favorites are Old Navy & Celebrity Pink brands.
  • Essie has THE BEST colors! I wish I could have one of each.

What's on your Spring must-have list?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kase's Shower

I mentioned awhile back that my brother & his wife were expecting their first baby, but I never followed up to say that we're gaining a NEPHEW! We went to Abilene this last weekend for Kase's 1st baby shower, and he made quite the haul. The theme was "Love you to the moon and back!" It was at my mom's bestie's house, and as always, she made everything look adorable. She has pitched in on all of our wedding and baby showers. Here are a few pictures to commemorate the occasion!
Aunt Cole with cousin Jaqsy!
Nana with 2 of her girls, shower treats & Nattie playing with Jaqs
sweet decor & food
my angel baby!

I can't wait to snuggle my nephew in May!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

over the rainbow

I started pinning ideas for Jaqs' 1st birthday before she ever hit her half-birthday, and when I landed on a rainbow themed party, I knew I'd found the right one for my sunshine girl! I know, I know..."she won't remember it!" But I will, and this is important to me for whatever reason, so just let me have this, okay? :)
I can hardly wait to pull all my visions together and celebrate my 1st baby!
If only I could recreate that chevron cake! Love, love it.
I'm loving all the bright, candy colors and festive treats I'm coming across...
Of course, this will be a DIY party, so I got a jump start on things yesterday during nap time, and it just made me THAT much more excited! 
 I'm totally running with this whole party planning thing while it's allowed. I'm sure my days of "mo-oooommm, that is NOT cool" are closer than I'd like them to be ;)

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