Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Cleaning

Today's "Hello Spring" topic is all about Spring cleaning. I'm kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning and organization, so I definitely use Spring as my time to start fresh and new!

Now that I'm a momma, I'm even more aware of the things I'm using to clean my home. I use a whole lot of vinegar for all sorts of things. It has TONS of uses, but the smell is kind of rank. To make it a little less harsh, I add orange peels to my vinegar bottle. This adds a slightly citrus aroma to it while cutting the strength of the smell!
I keep a bottle of diluted (3/1) vinegar handy for spot cleaning floors, toys, countertops, etc.! I like knowing that what I'm using doesn't have any harmful effects on me or my family, not to mention, it's CHEAP.

Jaqs' toys pretty much stay covered in slobber, so I try to disinfect them from time to time. In order to do this, I just fill up her baby tub with warm water and add in a about a cup of white vinegar + a heavy pour of peroxide. Swirl them around in the bath, then rinse them with water and let them dry completely!
As for the heavy-duty Spring cleaning? I function very well with lists, so I downloaded the PaperlessLite app on my iPhone. You can literally keep a list for any and every thing all in one place. I have a daily list, a Spring cleaning list, and a 1st birthday list going right now. There is something so satisfying about checking things off! Or is that just me?
My Spring Cleaning To Do's
I've found that doing ALL of one project at a time works better for me than going room to room, so I prefer to tackle ALL of the baseboards in one day or ALL of the blinds. I know a lot of people like going room to room, but I always feel like if I have the supplies for one project out, then I might as well go all out!

Another handy tip I discovered via Pinterest is turning hangers at the beginning of a season. You turn all your hangers facing the opposite direction, then once you wear the item, you turn it back to normal. I did this for the Fall/Winter, and I was surprised at the things that were never touched! It made them easier to donate knowing they hadn't been worn in over a year.
As for general organizing? Baskets are my best friend! I have them under cabinets, in every closet, and in our pantry. I try to keep like items corralled in one place, but it is something I'm always having to clean up and re-do as things just get out of place with every day use!

I'm linking up with Mateya, Caroline, Leah, Alison, & Carolyn for the Spring link-up party once again!
Check it out, this has been fun!

The Best Is Yet to Come


J and A said...

Such great tips!! I keep meaning to do that hanger flip and always forget!! Thanks for linking up!

Caroline said...

I love the forward hanger idea. Now, I just have to get motivated to get in my closet and clean it!

Carolyn said...

That vinegar idea is so smart!! :) Thanks for linking up!

Leah said...

You have so many good ideas. I will be cleaning Avery's toys tomorrow using your method!

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