Tuesday, January 29, 2013

play area plans

First of all, I just want to say "hi!" to my new followers! I'm thinking most of you came from Mateya's blog, and I'm so excited you found my little blog interesting enough to follow along! I'm glad you're here! :)


I think anyone that has a child can attest to how quickly their stuff can take over your house. Even though our little bit is not even a year old, she's been given plenty of toys and trinkets in her little life, and I find myself corralling all of it every day! We don't have an extra room to dedicate to a play-room in our current house, but we do have a spacious corner in our living room that would work perfect for a "play area." She's a little young right now, but I'm envisioning a kid sized table with a place for creating, coloring, and imagination! Add in some storage on the side, and we've got the perfect place for all the toys to go!
 I was looking around on Pinterest (where else?) when I came across the PERFECT play table! It has a PB-Kids look without the price tag, and the plans look pretty simple. I'm hoping Jaqs & I can talk G-Pop & Daddy in to constructing this one for us ;)
How adorable are theses DIY pallet shelves? I think I could even pull this one off!
Here are a few other inspiration pictures I came across:

I love, love bright colors, but I also need the area to flow with our living room, so as much as I love sunshine-y yellow, that probably won't be happening. I'll file that one away for a future playroom! I do love the pennant banners (obvs) and the frames for interchangeable art in the future. Such a great way to put your kids' masterpieces on display without them cluttering the fridge!

How do you keep the toys organized and put away in your home?


Emily said...

We are in the same boat, no real play room but I'm hoping to create a space in our living room or a closet under the stairs. Love all your inspiration! Great picks!!

Cassi said...

After 11 years I still haven't figured it out. Whenever you do, please fill me in :)

Stephanie said...

Looks amazing!! I am looking forward to see what you put together! You always impress me with your projects!

Beth Ann said...

So fun! I'm jeals of your big area in your living room. ;)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love all the ideas you have for your play area! Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate everything.

Jenn said...

All of these ideas are wonderful! I love color too! I'm sure it will be super cute when finished!

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