Monday, January 28, 2013

feeding favorites

We are in a transitional period in the feeding department around here. Jaqs has always been pretty enthusiastic about eating, but lately she has not been digging on the purees anymore. As I mentioned before, she would choke on almost any 'table' food I would give her, but now that she's finally mastered the puffs and yogurt melts, all she wants is REAL food!

I have to say, this makes things a whole lot easier for more making baby food for this mama. Kind of sad! As simple as it is to give her what we're having, I do still have to plan ahead and make sure that I have something I can easily fix for her if we're having something spicy or not great for her.

So with all that said, here are some of our feeding favorites right now!

feeding favorites

Eddie Bauer High Chair/ Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat/ Summer Infant Bibbity/Yogurt Snacks Mixed Berry / Baby Dipper Feeding Set/Playtex Baby First Lil' Gripper / Johnson Johnson Baby Hand Face Wipes/ Happy Baby Sweet Potato Puffs
  • Silicone bibs with the little crumb catcher are one of the best inventions! As much as I love the A&A bibs, cloth just gets too nasty.
  • We have this high chair, and it's great! You can remove the tray with one hand (a must!), and you can remove the top portion of the tray for easy cleaning. It is a little straight up & down for a younger baby, but I just used the bouncer for feeding before she was ready for that.
  • Puffs & Yogis are still favorites. I call the Yogis her dessert after each meal ;) It's awesome that they can be used as distractions when out and about too! Ha!
  • J obviously cannot use utensils on her own, but this little dipper fork is my fav! It's the perfect size and shape.
  • J&J hand and face wipes are a must for eating out when you don't have easy access to a sink or wash rag.
  • I've raved about these Playtex trainer cups for awhile, and we still love them. All we use!
  • Along with the silicone bibs, this place-mat is awesome for restaurants! You can easily roll up baby's mess when she's done, and of course, it keeps her food off the nasty restaurant tables.

Some of the foods we've been using the most for this 'transitional' period are steamed veggies, soft fruits like blueberries, bananas & cuties, avocados, boiled/scrambled eggs, grated cheese, and one of J's favorites is still YoBaby yogurt!

What are some of your little one's favorites?
We haven't tried any meats/beans yet, but I am hoping to be able to expand Jaqs' menu very soon!


Mateya said...

OK Hayden is in this same position, he LOVES feeding himself now. Puffs and yogurt melts are his favorite. He eats a lot of waffles...we just give it to him frozen and he gnaws on it until it's gone. Such a good distraction while we're eating too :)

But we tried some table foods and he chokes. It doesn't bother me as much because I know that's what happens but it freaks Robbie out and he said, no more! haha! I tried giving him some of my cutie orange yesterday and he like sucked the whole thing in his mouth. I'm so worried he's going to get something stuck in his throat!

Stephanie said...

When you have this posts, I simply copy them to email and send them to myself. I depend on you for such knowledge. Thanks K!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I always enjoy these types of posts! It'll be good for when my time comes ;)

Beth Ann said...

I think H ate a lot of bread and cheese around that age. We just tore up slices of bread into small pieces for him. He also really liked (still does but doesn't eat them as much since he will eat other things now) the Gerber pasta pick ups (little raviolis) and the Gerber meat sticks. Those come in jars and look gross but I rinse them off and cut them up small and they are really soft so they are good first meats. And babies don't know they're gross. ;) H likes turkey sausage right now and we do a microwave pancakeand a fruit cup for breakfast. I try to get the fruit cups with the fruit in 100% juice. I am admittedly not a big label reader or a huge organic buyer...I pretty much just go with what works and what is easy. Thankfully H is getting to the point now where he can eat what we're eating a lot more. Unfortunately, he's not a vegetable refuser but I think that's fairly normal for this age. ;)

Beth Ann said...

Oops, he IS a vegetable refuser. ;)

Amanda said...

yay! i'm glad you posted this! i feel like e is in the same stage right now. she is not much of a puree fan anymore. and that is totally fine with me!!!!! i really need to get one of those silicone bibs! we have the plastic fabric ones....but they still get really nasty. and i didn't know they had those face wipes! great idea. i also want to get some disinfecting wipes i can use when we are at restaurants so i can place her snacks on the table. so far e has tried black beans, bananas, peaches, peas, cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts and toast. she still has trouble picking up the slippery fruits though. but if we stick a bite of something in her mouth she is always able to chew it without choking!

Heather said...

I need to check out that mat!!

Skeeter started eating the "big kids" lunch at daycare a couple weeks ago and loves everything!! Her favorite is cheese right now, but she won't turn anything down.

Emily said...

We're in the same stage too! I am glad to hear that finger foods are going better because our guy still doesn't love many things. He does LOVE his puffs and yogurt melts though, and Yobaby yogurt as well! I have tried lightly toasted bread and whole grain kashi waffles and he likes those okay, but just isn't crazy about much. Hoping to find some things he likes soon. Thanks for the suggestions!

Jessica Turner said...

Ditto for us!!! Love the placemat! I just buy those disposable stick on ones, but now I'm going to have to find the one you use! I just gave Addyson chicken last week and she loved it! I just cooked a chicken breast and then put it in the trusty Baby Bullet and blended it with some apple slices. She ate it right up!

Jenna said...

You've mentioned yogurt melts a few times. I was wondering if you've tried making your own. I saw on Pinterest that you just put dots of yogurts in the freezer. I'd be interest in knowing if you've had success.

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