Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kase's Shower

I mentioned awhile back that my brother & his wife were expecting their first baby, but I never followed up to say that we're gaining a NEPHEW! We went to Abilene this last weekend for Kase's 1st baby shower, and he made quite the haul. The theme was "Love you to the moon and back!" It was at my mom's bestie's house, and as always, she made everything look adorable. She has pitched in on all of our wedding and baby showers. Here are a few pictures to commemorate the occasion!
Aunt Cole with cousin Jaqsy!
Nana with 2 of her girls, shower treats & Nattie playing with Jaqs
sweet decor & food
my angel baby!

I can't wait to snuggle my nephew in May!


Jenn said...

How adorable! I love the theme, so original and cute!

Regal Life said...

I love Jaq's outfit!

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