Wednesday, March 21, 2012

37 weeks!

Hey y'all! Remember me?? Still preggers.
I haven't had any motivation to blog in the last week...I blame it on Spring Break! We had such an awesome break together...we got to go home-home for a few days and spend some QT with family and friends. It was perfect! I'm so glad we got to do that one last time pre-bambino.
I've got a few things I need to post...mostly baby-related, so if you're not into that sorta thing...well, you've reached the wrong blog at this time ;)
Just kidding. about a bump-date??
Check out that belly-button! Haha, I feel like it will never recover from being forced so far out there!

by the time my photog gets home, i'm in my pj's...whoops.
iphone pics it is this week! ;-)

How far along: 37 weeks -- FULL term!
Size of baby: Baby girl is the size of a watermelon! She feels like it, too ;) She's anywhere from 19-22 inches long and around 6-7 lbs.
Total weight gain: +28 lbs. I'll be glad when I stop seeing the scale climb! But our goal was 30 lbs., so I guess that's good...
Movement: feets are in my ribs pretty often! Reminds me to sit up straight. And that I can't wait to kiss those tiny toes.
Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good. I get up 3-4 times to pee, but I can usually get right back to sleep. Rolling over sure does require a lot of effort.
What I miss: Being comfortable.
Cravings: I'll give you one guess....
(If you said milk & cereal, you'd be correct.)

Symptoms: Sporadic contractions, lower back pain, pelvic pressure, constant peeing, and my feet are starting to swell by day's end...ahh, pregnancy. It truly is a beautiful thing. And no, I'm not being sarcastic...I've loved it.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much all maternity. I have a few non-maternity tops that still work, but I don't even mess with the belly band anymore. Too tight!

Best moments this week: 
--Just knowing we've MADE IT! Jaqs can come any time she pleases now.
--Had our appointment yesterday...dilated to a 2 & 50% effaced. Dr. F said she's started to make her descent, so that explains the pressure, of course!
--Rob & I have been working on getting the last of our "baby stuff" ready. We finally got the travel system...yippee!
--I've yet to dream about what Jaqs looks like, but Rob, who NEVER remembers his dreams, had one the other night. He said she was "perfect & so pretty." What a sweet daddy he is. He's already smitten with this little princess.
--I'm getting SO ANXIOUS to meet this girl! She is so, so loved already, and she has lots of people waiting to get "the call." I'm over-the-moon excited!
We still have some things to get done before Jaqs gets pack our bags!! I'm usually so on-top of things like that, but this is one thing I've put off, and I'm not sure why. Any advice on what to pack or what not to pack?? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!
Hope you're having a fantastic week! :)


Loren said...

YAY!!! FULL TERM!!! I feel like you just told the world you were pregnant! Cute Cute top!

I can't wait to see your sweet little princess!! Be sure and take your own pillow so your nice and comfy. Nursing bra/cami or pajamas to make it easy on your for those night time feedings. I wished we I had Wade I had taken a hooter hider because there are some people that won't get the hint and will want to stay while you breast feed, I ended up having to be that cranky new mom that said get out, I'm trying to learn how to feed my child haha. Your boppy pillow, clothes for your sweet girl, shower items and makeup, CAMERA!!!

Prayers are being sent up for you as you wait for her arrival!!!

Mateya said...

Yay!!!!!! Come on Jaqs :)

Ketrin Jones said...

I guessed milk & cereal :)

I really want her to come out so I can see her sweet face. I bet she is soo pretty with both of yalls good looks! I can't wait!

Charlee Ann said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog throughout your pregnancy. Can't wait to see pictures of that little girl! Hope everything goes perfectly!

Anonymous said...

G-pop is READY:)))

Anonymous said...

Grammie Sugar is so ready! Love me some Jaqsy Girl!! Oh, and Love you to Katie Girl;)

Heather said...

Haha, pack your bags now!! I didn't pack mine and it's been crazy.

You look SO awesome still! I love that top.

Kaycee said...

FULL TERM HOW EXCITING!!! Well take your pillow for sure! I agree with Loren on everything she said on taking & also pads. I'd also say take a bag of snacks and maybe drinks. Garrett and I (mainly me) were always hungry it seemed like, and you will definitely be hungry after birth cause you don't eat for so long. Anyways Congrats once again. I'm getting anxious to see your post of sweet pics. Good Luck and come on Jaqs I can tell your mommy and daddy are so ready to see you! Blessings!

Beth Ann said...

You crack me up! So funny. You look great! My belly button never did poke out a whole lot. HOORAY for full-term. Having been a NICU nurse, I know just what an accomplishment and blessing and RELIEF it truly is to have reached full term. It is definitely something to celebrate!!! I had Holden at exactly 37 weeks so from here on out you are more pregnant than I ever was! ;)

Hospital...for the babe:mittens so she doesn't scratch her beautiful face up (unless the clothes you pack have hand-cover-upper-thingies), pacifier of your choice (if you want to use one and we took a couple kinds and he preferred one), comfy clothing (sleepers), baby book if you want to get footprints done inside (we forgot)and a going home outfit of course! For you: My hospital clothing of choice was p.j. pants, nursing tank, and then a comfy cardigan/jacket/robe for over it. Definitely DEFINITELY nursing tanks!!! They are the best. House slippers. Boppy. Pillow. Make-up and all of those essentials that will make you feel a bit human. Chap-stick. Hair ties.

Here's a great post about what to pack and what not to pack!

Beth Ann said...

Oh...and if you aren't comfortable then definitely tell visitors to leave while you feed her. I was not coordinated enough to use the nursing cover yet and it is a time of learning for both of you and you need to be as stress free as possible for it!

Michelle said...

i would second almost everything already said and add: lansanoh cream, laptop for rob to keep us all updated :), a quilt/blanket for night, another cute and comfy pj pant/nursing tank/robe combo (the first will get messy), flip flops for walking the halls, massage oil for hand/foot massages in labor, cute warm hat and mittens for jaqs, and your own towel (hospital ones are tiny and thin, that first shower after labor feels heavenly!)

you are so precious! i guessed milk and cereal, and no, your belly button will never be the same! :)

happy full term!

Jenna E said...

wooo hooo almost there!!! I really hope I look half as good as you at 37 weeks. My gosh, you look amazing.

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