Tuesday, October 11, 2011

14 weeks! Welcome, 2nd trimester!

13 weeks, 3 days
How far along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: According to thebump.com baby is the size of a lemon! I'm assuming this means a large lemon because last week we were at a peach. S/he is almost 3.5 inches long and weighing in at 1.5 ounces! That's triple the size from 2 weeks ago...no wonder growing babies is so exhausting :)

Total weight gain: According to my doctor's scale, half a pound! Now that we're in the 2nd tri, I'm sure this will speed up.

Gender: I don't have a feeling on this really. We will know in a little over a month! Heartbeat in the 150s...what do you think??

Movement: I'm not feeling it yet. Baby is probably wiggling his toes and sucking his thumb though...what a cutie!

Sleep: Sleep is usually good. I'm feeling more energetic by the day...thank goodness for that!

14 weeks. This picture is awful.
I'm not sure about that skirt either. Yuck.
What I miss: Nothing!

Cravings: I was craving chicken tenders this whole weekend. Which would be easy if  I could just swing by Busch's and grab some...no can do for this g-free girl. I made some though, and they were yummy!

Symptoms: Still a little queasiness, headaches, stretching pains. I've developed a dry cough too...I don't know if it's the weather or me though.

Maternity clothes: Not yet! I've had to use a hair tie to "button" my pants a few times, though. That's exciting ;)

Best moment this week: Going to the doctor today and hearing baby's sweet little heartbeat. I'm just so in awe of this little miracle and overwhelmingly thankful.


Tiffany said...

So glad your energy is coming back! You look darling. Congratulations!!

Cassi said...

Yay for a growing healthy baby...girl ;)

Ketrin Jones said...

I'm so excited & happy for you.

You seriously might be the cutest pregnant person I've ever seen.

Mariel Torres said...

you are so cute! congrats on the new addition darling :)

Shelley said...

You look adorable! I am hoping for a girl! They are the best :)

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