Wednesday, October 26, 2011

home sweet home: living & kitchen/dining

I've been saying since we moved here at the end of May that I'd post pictures of our house. 
The day has finally come! It's true, pigs are flying.
To simplify things, I'm going to break the "tour" up a room or two at a time--which won't take long because it's not like we live in a mansion ;)
When you walk into our house, you're basically in the living room. We have a small entry-way which can be seen in THIS post. I forgot to include it bad!
Here's what you see when you walk in: living room
Our house is open-concept, and the kitchen is off to the left.
No walls make arranging furniture kind of tricky, I learned!
 Components for the TV plus DVD storage boxes:
 We really have no use for a fire place here in central TX, so I prefer to decorate inside. 
Ours is filled with wine bottles and corks from a variety of friends/family.
 Left: basket with chalkboard for blankets & to hide the laptop/cords.
Right: on the mantle...glittery pumpkins on candlesticks for fall!
 Left: sofa table behind the couch
Right: on the coffee table...tray with some essentials & decor
 Back corner of the living room:
 Looking into the kitchen/dining from the living:
 Kitchen view from dining:
 Left: bar with plenty of room for guests
Right: coffee bar & door going into laundry
 Baby already has his/her picture up, of course!
The sink looks out the back door & I can watch TV while I do the dishes :)
 I really love the dark wood cabinets.
 Nic-nacs: a vintage pink fridge given to me by a special's filled with all kinds of useful office supplies disguised as groceries! So stinkin' cute. I love it.
Salt & pepper shakers that were my great-great-grandmother's. Love those too.
 Dining room & china hutch -- sorry this is so dark!
 Left: centerpiece on dining table
Right: hutch filled with dishes and other mementos.

Thanks for taking a looksy into our home! 
I'll try my hardest to be prompt with the rest, but I know better than to promise it ;)


Kaila Nickel said...

Love, love, love!

Roxanne said...

Yay! I love home tours! It looks pretty in pictures but even better in person! Your home is beautiful, Katie!

Mateya said...

It's beautiful! I love your hutch!

Kerbi said...

I love it! You did a great job decorating! I love what you did with the wine bottles and corks in the fireplace!

Ketrin Jones said...

loveee it
want to come help me decorate mine.. i mean tiel's house.. :)

Laura said...

I LOVE your house! Can't wait to see more pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Love, simply love your home! I think your hutch is my fav! :)

Beth Ann said...

You are a good decorator! Come help me with my house, please. I really like the wine bottles in the fireplace- had never seen that before! Also, not sure how I missed the house tour... must have been busy with my newborn. ;)

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