Monday, October 31, 2011

she's how old?

This little angel had a birthday on Saturday!
 I don't know how she's already 4!
We celebrated her with a mermaid party...
 Kenneth, my dad & Natalie's grandpas...
Love this little pizza face.
 She had a fun time with ALL her friends...big & small.

 But she told me I was her BEST friend. Melt my heart :)
Aren't her piggies precious??

Natalie was so excited KB & Nicole got to come to her party.
But she told her mom that football was dumb because it made Rob miss it!
I can't blame her, she just wanted all her faves to be there!
 We had so much fun celebrating one our favorite little people 
and just can't believe how big she's getting! We love you, Nattie J!

The rest of my weekend was spent in Abilene simply enjoying being with my family (we all missed Rob, of course!) Family weekends are just the best...and make me SO ready for the holidays! Ready or's November tomorrow :) Woohoo!!

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