Tuesday, February 7, 2012

weekend, friends & a birthday!

We had a pretty lazy weekend sprinkled with some fun with friends!

Friday night was spent with shrimp fajitas and the tv at home. Rob had to be up early to go to Austin for the regional coaches meeting, so we just laid low and relaxed.

Saturday wasn't terribly exciting either, but we had a fun double date that night! My lifelong friend, Melissa, lives in the town over from us, and we don't get together nearly as often as we should! Her bf was in town, so we decided to go to dinner and fix that :) We had a blast! No pictures, but hopefully we'll be doing that again soon, and we'll get some then!

Sunday morning we went to church and started a new Sunday School class that we're really excited about. I think it will be great! After a couple errands and lunch, we got ready to go celebrate The Dunnam's "baby" Tate! He's TWO! Seems like just last week that Cassi was pregnant with him. Why does time fly by so quickly?!
Tater had so much fun opening his presents!
He was even willing to share...no terrible twos here :)
Isn't he a great little picture-taker? If he knows you're taking one he'll say 
"CHEEEESE!" then "I see?" Ha, he keeps us laughing!
After Tate's tail-gate, we watched the Super Bowl together as well. 
Well, the guys watched it, the girls tuned into parts of it! I was mostly preoccupied with queso, guacamole and the gluten-free cupcakes that Cassi made ;)
Can ya blame me?! I think not.

Hope you had a fun weekend, too!


Ketrin Jones said...

those cupcakes look fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Tate is so sweet, love those Dunnam's!

Ashley said...

He is precious and the cupcakes turned out great!

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