Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

This weekend has been a busy but FUN one! On Friday, Rob and I both had the day off from school, but I had to work still (boo!). I got to sleep in though, so that's enough for me! Saturday was spent doing yard work pretty much all day - pictures of our progress to come. My sweet mom came over to help us, and we actually had fun doing it! We pulled weeds, mowed, planted flowers and shrubs, cleaned off the patio/furniture, mulched the flower beds, and enjoyed lunch on the porch while admiring our work! That night we went to visit with some of our best friends that were in town from Louisiana. I have known the Whiteheads from the day I was born, and they are like extended family to me. Us "kids" grew up together, and they lived here up until a few years ago. I miss them like crazy, and I love when they're in town! Bev and Laura were the only ones that got to come this time because the guys were working.

This little guy is Laura's second cousin, and y'all....I have NEVER seen a 3-year old hit the ball like he can. Rob was pitching to him in the backyard, and he was nearly hitting it over the fence!

Not to mention he has a BIG personality. He kept us laughing the whole time we were there. I think my favorite was when he was leaving he walked up to me and whispered very quietly, "I'm gonna give you a hug, okay?" Can't having anyone thinking he talks to girls or anything, I guess! HA!

The baseball star took this picture of Rob, good one, huh? ;)

Here's my momma and Bev, there's always lots of laughs when they're together!

Don't y'all just love those friendships that never change no matter how many miles are between you? That's how I feel about this family. I can not see them for months, but when we do finally get together nothing has changed. We have had so many good times together, and I know we will have many more in the future!


Easter is such a great reminder of the gift that we have been given. LIFE! Thank you, Lord, for sending your Son to die for ME! He is RISEN! Let us remember that every single day, let us not take a single breath for granted.

Here we are in our Eastery outfits...

And, on a completely unrelated note, have you tried this tea? I stir a little honey in mine and relax before bedtime. I think it really does calm me, or it could just be a placebo effect? Hmm, either way it tastes yummy!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! I am thankful for such a great weekend because this week at school is going to be a long one...prayers are certainly welcomed! ;) Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Yes Ma'am, I am thankful I have you and Rob here. Anytime there is work to do, it is alway more fun to do it together, so I enjoyed each and every minute. We are blessed! Mom

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Happy Happy Easter! I am so glad you found my blog. Small world since I went to ACU :)

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