Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Possum Kingdom

Last weekend Rob and I got to enjoy the lake for the first time this year! One of my BFF's (Lexi) parents have a condo at Possum Kingdom, and it's gorgeous! If you live in TX and have not been to PK, you should definitely go soon! We had a blast :)

This is an interesting picture to start with, but we had to "tinkle" in the lake. It was cloudy the first day, so the the water was COLD!

It was pretty funny though!

I love this picture because it is a perfect symbol of mine and Lexi's friendship. We laugh ALL.THE.TIME! Love it.

Trying to stay warm the first day!

The boys were brave and wake-boarded despite the cold water...

It was Rob's first time to wake-board...can't you feel the determination? :)

Logan decided we should encourage him by fist-pumping (Jersey Shore style) him to success!

And it worked!

Lexi and I finally got brave and decided we would jump off a "cliff" with the boysies...

At the top, ready to go!

It felt a lot higher than it actually was, but it was fun! I love how Lexi and I are both plugging our noses :)

Rob & Lexi were hat twins...

Rob's outfit (or "get-up" as he called it) was cracking us up...I mean, really?! Who mixes Hawaiian flowers, camo, and a polo hat? That would be my hubby! :)

After dinner that night, we had an impromptu dance party...why not right?

Everyone was dancin'!

Lexi & I on day 2...yes I am wearing the same shirt as day 1...don't hate.

Rob had an incident with some rocks the first day...here are his wounds...ouch!

Rob & Chris....I think they have a "bromance" going on.

Hopefully this was the first of many lake weekends this summer...we had SO much fun :) Thanks Scot, Amy and Lexi!!

Next up....NYC!!! After finals, of course!

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Stephanie said...

so much fun! i can't wait to get out on the water this summer. :)

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