Saturday, June 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

WHY in the world does picking out furniture have to be SO difficult?! I've been wanting new living room furniture for awhile now because most of what we have has been given to us, so it's kind of a hodge-podge of stuff, and I'm just ready for a change! Here's what our living room looks like now...(ignore the stuff laying around...I just snapped these pictures to post a few minutes ago :))

I'm wanting to do a chocolate brown sofa that isn't as wide as what we have now. Maybe something like this?

Or this...I love the chair in this picture, too!

I also like the chocolate brown version of this sofa/chaise combo...

I would also like to get a cute accent chair that is still comfy and functional. I would rather not have to change EVERYTHING in the living room, so I need something that will blend with the artwork and zebra rug we have now. It maybe tricky - Ha!

Rob would never go for this, but I LOVE daisies! :) They're just so happy!


If I ever make a decision, I'll be sure to show ya! :)

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