Monday, August 9, 2010

Last Lake Weekend

This past weekend was Rob's last work-free weekend, so we definitely wanted to enjoy every minute of it, and that we did! We headed to Possum Kingdom with Lexi, Mike (who also coaches at Cooper) and Lexi's family. Saturday afternoon was spent on the boat and in the lake just soaking up the sunshine and hanging out with everyone. Saturday night we got the opportunity to meet Chad Hennings! He was speaking and doing a meet and greet/book signing at a restaurant at the lake, and Lexi's parents knew how much Rob & Mike would enjoy it, so they generously took all of us as their guests. It was pretty awesome, and I enjoyed listening to him speak about his life!

Rob & I ready to go to the dinner...

Mike & Lexi...

Chad brought his Super-Bowl rings, so of course we had to take pictures with them!

They were HUGE!

The boys getting their books signed!

Rob & Britni (Lexi's older sister) go WAY back to middle school! They have been close friends forever, and he has always been "a part" of their family. It's funny that Rob & Lexi have know each other longer than I have known either of them!

Besties :)

Mike asleep after our Sunday morning breakfast/feast...just thought this was funny! Check out those awesome bunks...twin on top, queen on bottom with a full pull out!

I'm glad we got to have a FUN last free weekend with our fun friends! Two-a-days started today for Rob, and I am enjoying two weeks without school before the Fall semester starts! I was SO happy when I did not have to get up and go to Physics this morning :) Now I just have two more classes this Fall, then I graduate in December...exciting but scary!!

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