Friday, October 29, 2010

Ohh, the irony...

Here in (fairly) small town Texas, high school football rivalries are a BIG deal. I'm talking the stand in line all day for tickets, painting faces and/or bodies, countdown to kick-off ticking away on local channels and becoming nauseated because you're so nervous kind of BIG deal. The crosstown rivalry here in Abilene is a rich tradition, and just about the entire town looks forward to it all football season. This year's game has even more riding on it because the winner of tonight's game will be declared the district CHAMPION.

As I've said before, this crosstown rivalry is kind of a funny situation for me. You see, this was me just FOUR years ago...

...graduating from the land of the Eagles...AHS!

...getting to school at the crack of dawn with my bestie (Lexi) to get on the front row for pep rallies!

...cheering on those Eagles with my girls!

...wearing my blackout Cooper rivalry shirt.

"Hey Cooper! Next year bring your varsity..."

...and just bleeding black and gold in general.

And now, here I am....a Cougar Coach's wife (and that coach graduated from Cooper, by the way!)

...cheering on those COOGS with my former Eagles!

...decorating my door in the red and blue.

...having the time of my life with some of the best friends a girl could ask for!

...supporting my hubby every step of the way.

...road-tripping to all of the out-of-towners with Lexi.

...becoming nauseated with nerves as I write this post.

...decked out in red and blue attire!


I have to defend myself a lot, mostly on Facebook, to my former classmates, but I just laugh at their silly remarks....and tell them to shut up. Because that's what mature adults like myself do. But I wouldn't trade any of this for the entire world because I love it, I love my coach, and I love those COOGS!!!

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