Friday, December 10, 2010

Nail Obsession & Other Things

I've mentioned before how much I love to have "seasonal" toes, and I've now decided that I like to have festive fingers as well! Don't worry, I'm not getting little snowmen on my fingers or least not yet ;) Since glitter is all the rage this season, I had to get in on that action! Here's what I found: Pink Rockstar by Sally Hansen...

I layered it on top of a deep plum polish, and I love the result, so I just had to share!

And although I may not be getting snowmen on my fingers, I certainly have no qualms with getting ornaments on my toes! I'm cheesy. I'm okay with it.

In other, un-nail related, news...I'm graduating tomorrow! I'm sure most of you will be thankful for this, so I will QUIT complaining blogging about school/studying!

We're also doing "Christmas" with my family this weekend! I'm really excited but also kinda sad about it. I'm excited because HELLO?! Christmas if fun! But I'm kinda sad because this will be the first year in my entire life I won't see any of my immediate family on Christmas day.
Thank goodness for the Galusha's!! :)

And last, but certainly not least....we close on our NEW HOUSE on Monday!! Woohoo! Again, this is another bitter-sweet occasion. It is SO sweet because I (we!) LOVE our new house, and we will have plenty of room to grow in the future! It's going to be sad leaving "our first house" though. We got a contract on it yesterday, so it's starting to set in that we'll be leaving this adorable abode behind soon. Ahhh. I have to fight tears every time I pull into the driveway because I know it will be one of the last times I do so...why do I have to be so sentimental?! Rob thinks I'm a crazy person. Maybe he's right.

I'll be back to blog about all of these happenings soon :)

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Mateya said...

Congratulations on graduating tomorrow! That is so wonderful Katie!

The nail color is so cute :)

And such exciting news about your house! That is so great! I don't blame you for being sentimental about it. It is your first married house as husband and wife :)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on graduating! Very exciting!

I love that paint color... might go find it today! Since we're also closing on our *first house* next monday, I am not decorating for Christmas at all (obviously, with packing, etc.). So I'm trying to be festive in other ways - that nail polish will help! :) lol

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