Monday, March 28, 2011

miscellaneous monday

Please tell me you watch Bethenny Ever After? If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know how obsessed I am with this show. If you don't, well, I don't know...I guess you don't know. Anyway, I seriously cannot get enough! Bethenny cracks me up - she has the most hilarious one-liners ever, and she is SO real. She's a no-nonsense kinda gal, and I love that about her! To top it all off, she is the sweetest mama to baby Bryn. Ahh, so precious.

Moving right along...last week I decided to make Bisquick's version of the infamous Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits - gluten free, of course. They turned out pretty yummy! If you're a g-free-er, I would definitely recommend making these! I served them to Rob, Lexi & Mike and they all loved them!

Sorry, y'all...I am all over the place tonight. Welcome to my head this evening.
Remember my pillow saga from last year? We got new couches, I hated the pillows that came with them, I searched high and low for fabric to recover the pillows, and now...I don't like the "new" ones either. Ugh. I mean, they're okay, but I don't love them, and the pillows are a funky shape now. So now I'm on the hunt for pillows again. Oy. Story of my life.
I'm wanting something much softer this go-'round. This is what I keep picturing in my head...

A very, very soft leopard and a beige zig-zag design. These are too brown, but you get the idea right? I'm definitely going to have to make them (ie: have Rob's grandma do it for help me) because I don't have $75+ to shell out PER pillow. I change my mind way too often for that nonsense. So, my question to you--have you found any online fabric stores that you love? I'm in the DFW area often-ish as well as San Antonio, so I'm welcome to store ideas in those areas as well! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :)

And to top off all of the randomness going on in this are some pictures from St. Patty's that I never posted! We met up with Lexi & Mike for a green cocktail to celebrate the occasion! Love, love my friends!

Safe to say, none of us were pinched!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, friends!


Brandi said...

I too am obsessed with Bethenny Ever After!!!! LOVE her!!! My hubby thinks I have problems!!! HEHE!!!

Mrs.Vid said...

I love Bethenny Ever After but I have to confess.. I've been so bad about watching it on Monday nights. I've been catching up on the weekends! I'm going to have to try those biscuits! They look yummy! I love that Bisquick has GF version now! :) I tried it this weekend w/ pancakes! & I am LOVING those pillows! So pretty but not too feminine! Great choice!

Kelly Mann said...

Hey girl! just wanted you to know that you WON! Congrats!

Also, I totally get what you're saying about changing your mind on pillows.. i literally just went through that a month ago and my original pillows were only 6-8 months old. I actually made mine, and it was super easy {and I used that same zig zag print}. You can read my post on it here:

That fabric is by premier prints, but I bought mine from Here's the line with all the colors:

The tutorial I followed was super simple and I think anyone could do it!

Kelly Mann said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, I bought the down pillow inserts at hancocks when they were 50% off... the down will keep its shape MUCH longer because you can re-fluff it!

Mateya said...

I loved Bethenny Getting Married but I haven't watched any of her new show! It seems like I am never home when it is on. I need to get it on my DVR list!

I love those pillows! I need some new ones for our couch too...I might have to go to a fabric store and just pick out my own because I can't find anything I like and pillows are soooo expensive! Seems so silly.

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