Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Hello lovely friends!
I FINALLY got my photo-uploader problems worked out, so I'm back! I've sat down several times in the last week to post, but kept getting frustrated because my pictures weren't loading correctly...thank goodness it's all good now. I've got life to document!

This last weekend was pretty low-key which is just what I needed. We kicked off Friday night at a local Mexican food place with some of our favorite people!

Chips, salsa, margaritas & lots of laughs....doesn't get much better than that!


Saturday was spent shopping and lunching with the girls...of course! That's how I spend most of my Saturdays, and I love it.
We had a wedding to go to that evening. One of Rob's good friends from high school got married, and we were happy to be able to celebrate with them!

I really love this guy.

The wedding was beautiful! The reception was at the same venue as ours, so it brought back lots of happy memories! I cannot believe we'll already be married THREE years this summer.

Cookie bar...Rob & Will were loving this!

We got to catch up with friends we haven't seen in awhile, so that was a lot of fun, of course!

Rob & Stormey...long time friends!

Congratulations Gerad & Stormey! We are so happy for y'all!! :)


On Sunday we did our usual church, lunch and hanging out with family routine, which I LOVE. We went to watch the Oscar's with Jerrod & Julie that night, but we all got pretty bored with that and decided to try out the new frozen yogurt place in town. Oh my. That place could get me into some serious trouble.
Must. Stay. Away.

Happy March, y'all! I hope you're enjoying some sunshine wherever you are :)


Mateya said...

Love the dress you wore to the wedding...you look great!

Chips/Salsa/Margaritas...not much better :)

Stormey said...

I love the pictures of the reception you took! It was SO SO good to see everyone, thank you again for coming!

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