Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wildcat Update!

I cannot believe I haven't written about a single game this season. BAD c-wife!
Our season-opener was against Pflugerville Connally. We started out awesome, but got bogged down in the second half and did not pull out the win. It was still a good night, and the fans were happy to see that their kids had improved leaps & bounds from last season.
The next week was our first HOME game. Many of us got to experience the 'majesty' of Wildcat Stadium for the very first time. The fans were excited, the c-wives were sick to their stomachs, and the players were READY! Once again, we came out and played an outstanding first half against Georgetown. The second half did not go quite as well, and we ended up losing in an absolute track meet...62-51. The people of Temple were still extremely positive and SO HAPPY to see their team putting points on the board! 
So encouraging for those of us whose entire lives are affected by football.
You see, this is not "just a game" for those of whose husbands coach.
For {hopefully} 5ish months out of the year, we live, eat, and breathe football.
Most of the time it's fun, but sometimes it's really tough...especially when your husbands are stressed by a loss and trying to figure out what to do to change it by the next week.
They work extremely hard, and we wives could not be any prouder of our men.
 So, once again, our guys buckled down this week and got to work! 
And let me tell you, this week it paid off in a BIG, BIG way!!
We played the toughest team we've seen this season: San Antonio Churchill. It was an all-out BATTLE for FOUR quarters. We trailed by 2 points for much of the game, but our kids kept the faith and kept playing their rears off, and we finally went up 31-27 in the 4th.
And we stayed there. Our defense did AWESOME under pressure this week. We did not crumble, but rather, crumbled THE OTHER team. They were flawless for the last 3 minutes of the game, and we were impressed, proud, and emotional!
I forgot my camera this week, so all I have are after-game iPhone pictures...
I love this picture of some of the overjoyed are they??!

 And just's the 2011 Galusha program pic:

We have an open week next week and will begin district play the following week, 
so I'll try to be better about updating when that starts! 

Have a great weekend! I know we will! :)


Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

I am so happy for y'all! I have the same shirt that you are wearing the in first picture! :)
Love y'alls program pic, so professional!

molly said...

Way to go GUys!! Temple is blessed to have yall leading them! Keep us updated Katie!

Whitney said...

Cute program picture! I completely understand everything you said! It's so hard sometimes! Wins feel soooo good, but losses feel soooo bad! We had an open week too and it was GREAT!!

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