Friday, December 9, 2011


It's Friday, y'all! WOOHOO! We have a fun weekend ahead, so I'll try to actually take some pictures to document it on the bloggity! Wish me luck.

I've been seeing some of my favorite bloggers (A Blonde Ambition) doing weekly confessional posts, so I thought I'd join in that fun and tell on myself about a few things...

-I might take the occasional mirror sue me! I wanted to show Mateya that I was wearing the scarf she gave me a couple years ago!
-On Wednesday night I was getting my night cap ready (chocolate milk, duh) so I could enjoy Modern Family with my hubby. Well, the chocolate syrup bottle farted not once, but TWICE and I went into hysterics. I'm talking ugly-crying-can't-talk because I'm laughing so hard. Rob just stared at me and laughed during my 5 minute spell. I promise I can be mature ;) 
I don't even know why I thought it was so funny...I'm sure Jaqs was annoyed I woke her up FOR THAT.

-Another night this week, Rob and I had a very serious conversation about candy bars. I mean, really serious. This was brought on by him mentioning he liked 3 Musketeer's. I find that to be the most boring candy bar ever. I want something with CARAMEL & nuts! Mmm, Snickers, Baby Ruth. 

-When I text or type my daughter's name, I often put "Jaws" rather than "Jaqs." I'm sorry, baby girl...I promise to try to eliminate that mistake by the time you're here! At least I haven't actually sent that error to anyone without noticing, right?

-We bought a 5 pound bag of Cuties on Sunday, and there's less than a pound left. I have been eating those things like CRAZY. So yum!
A little snack at work
-Rob and I have decided that we're like an old couple because we're fighting sleep before 9 every night on our designated couches. I blame it on the time change. My body is ready for sleep after 4 hours of darkness! It's only natural.

-I laugh daily at @90sgirlproblems on Twitter. Do y'all follow her? I can say, "yep, that was me" to about 95% of her tweets. I'm not alone, Kaila & I had a discussion about this one:
I definitely still have my beanie babies. Just waiting to cash in.
-Everyone in my family may (or may not) have a gift under the tree from Jaqs. She's just a really sweet, thoughtful girl, y'all!
-Yes I just typed Jaws again. MOM FAIL.

Have a great Friday!


P!nky said...

Stopping by from a blonde ambition!

Awwww what a sweet idea about presents. Love the name Jaqs btw. (almost typed jaws...hahaha)

I need sleep after 9:05....I'm with ya!


Mateya said...

How fun! I totally forgot about that scarf! Love it :)

Those cuties are sooo delicious! I have at least two every day!

THe syrup bottle thing is too funny :)

lori said...

stopping by from the confessional link up. i hate the time change! i feel so weird when we're GOING to eat dinner and its pitch black outside!

your baby belly is so cute. but its so funny you keep typing jaws!

Loren said...

Love this! How fun that she is already shopping for people, was a sweet girl!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Thanks for linking up, girl! Im not a fan of Three Musketeers either : ) I love having random, silly conversations with my husband like that, they're the best!

CJA said...

found your blog on link up ! im your new follower, would love a follow back :)

Stephanie said...

Too funny about the Jaws thing... haha. Hope you had a great weekend!

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