Tuesday, January 3, 2012

26 weeks!

whoa, baby!

How far along: 26 weeks (I was already in my comfies when my photog got home...don't mind me in my L.L. Bean slippers!)

Size of baby: According to thebump.com Jaqs is the size of an eggplant! She's around 14 inches long and weighing in somewhere around 2 pounds.

Total weight gain: Up 15 pounds.

Gender: Baby girl!

Movement: Yes, I've just about got her schedule down, I think! Rob and I got her to respond to light the other night...he put a flashlight near my belly, and she started moving in the opposite direction! We're easily entertained these days by my tummy moving in all different directions :) Jaqs definitely prefers my right side, though.

Sleep: Sleep is good, but I do find myself changing positions more now that I'm bigger. I think she gets nestled to whatever side I'm on, so it becomes uncomfortable for me. It never keeps me awake long, though!

What I miss: Other than fitting comfortably into pants, nothing!

Cravings: I've been eating just about everything in sight lately! Ha, being pregnant over the holidays rocks ;)

Symptoms: I get winded pretty easily, but that's about it.

my innie is now an outie, see it?
Maternity clothes: A combination of both. My regular pants are getting harder to pull up with each passing week!

Best moments this week: 
--Listening to the baby girl's heartbeat at our appointment today.
--Picking out & getting the glider ordered for the nursery.
--Filling up her closet a little more with Christmas goodies :)
--Seeing Jaqs move around when her daddy started whistling lullabies to her.
--Just feeling so thankful and blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy thus far. God is good.


Kaila Nickel said...

My jaw dropped when I saw this picture! I can't believe how big you/Jaqs are getting! So happy for you, friend. xoxox

Mateya said...

There's a REAL belly now! I love it!

How fun to see her respond to light! :) So cute!

Heather said...

You look SO great! How far along were you when your hubby first felt her move?

Loren said...

You look FABULOUS!!! Too cute!

Kaycee said...

you look great!!!!

Ketrin Jones said...

I see it!!
hot dog belly button!

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