Tuesday, January 10, 2012

baby prep, new car & a sweet friend.

I'm 27 weeks pregnant today! According to "What To Expect" that's the 3rd trimester, but according to The Bump, it begins at 28 weeks, so I'll go with that. Either way, it's crazy to me that we're entering our last third of my first pregnancy! 
I feel like I have SO much left to do. Probably because I do. The room is no where ready, but there is a plan of action! We're just waiting on the bedding to be made, and we need to paint, then things will start coming together, I'm sure. I'm ready to see it all come together.
We also have to get our registry done which is just how we plan to celebrate MLK day next Monday. I'm slightly overwhelmed by that, but I've been researching, so hopefully I'm making some headway. I'm definitely open for suggestions though!! Tell me your must-haves, PLEASE? :)

So last week I got to enjoy this syrupy-delight:
 The dreaded glucose tolerance test! I had to do the 3-hour test when I was diagnosed with PCOS, so the 1-hour one seemed like a cake-walk. It's really not that bad, but I was definitely ready to eat after my pricking session. I'm happy to say I passed! Yay!

Over the weekend my mom and I made this little pretty for Jaqs' room:
 Ribbon wreath inspired by Pinterest, of course. I cut the ribbons, and mom tied them on. It turned out so cute! We just need something to hang in the center.

The glider is also on its way to us! It is so comfy, I can't wait for it to be here!
Here's our fabric choice:
We definitely wanted something neutral that could be used again, so no pink furniture for us! Her bedding will be girly, don't worry ;)

In addition to making a wreath this weekend, we also got a NEW CAR!!
 I am SO excited about my new wheels! It's a Chevrolet Traverse, if you're wondering.
Previously I drove a Honda Accord...great car, but not really great for hauling all the things that babies require these days. Or great for my back while loading and unloading kids!
I'm officially in a mom car, y'all. And I love it.

On Monday I came home to a package from my college friend, Jennifer. She has a precious little boy, and is such a sweet momma! You can definitely tell how loved little Sylas is.
She keeps up with my blog and knows how precious the gift of a child is, so she sent us some things for Jaqs...how thoughtful is that?
 This precious outfit says "My Daddy Loves Me More Than Football"
How perfect is that?! She even picked a size that could be worn next football season! Smart.

Here's the rest of what she sent:
Y'all. The cupcake outfit made me cry. It's a newborn size, and it's SO tiny...I can't wait to see Jaqs cozied up in that cutie. And the "My first Bible" is awesome...I've been reading the stories and thinking about the future when we're reading bedtime stories--I think this will be one of our favorites! The stories and pictures are awesome.

Thank you for being so thoughtful, Jennifer! You really added some sunshine to our day!


Mateya said...

Love those little outfits! I've gotten a couple newborn things for baby B too and we just can't get over how tiny they are!

Yay for the new car! You'll definitely love having something bigger!!!

Heather said...

LOVE the wreath! You should get her initial to go in the middle.

Just be prepared for a few hours, and many bathroom breaks, while registering! I was exhausted afterwards, but so glad it was finished.

Who is making your bedding?

CJA said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the wreath!!

I <3 the cupcake tinyness :)

the mcquire family said...

Yay for a new car!! You will love having all the extra space. I have to do the glucose test on Wednesday, boo! :) ... Hope you're feeling well can't wait to see pics of your sweet angels nursery when y'all are done!xo

The Brown Family said...

Love the glider material!

Registering is overwhelming. I don't know if this will help, but we started our registry online (Target, Babies R Us) online and then went into the store to do the little things and to add anything that we may have left off. It helped us to not spend so much time in the store.

Have fun and enjoy the last few months of pregnancy. It is such a special time!

Loren said...

LoVe the wreath!! It's adorable!! And how exciting a new car! Your right, you will definitely need the space for all things baby! Can't believe you're already 27 weeks, seems to be flying by!!! Can't wait to see her nursery!

Beth Ann said...

Fun stuff! The wreath is very cute - you need a J to go in the middle! :)

Cassi said...

Ok...here it goes...
Bumbo with the tray
A REALLY good nose sucker
One or two of those cheap yellow bath foam things
Play Mat
Lots of berp rags
Thin washrags
A high chair that hooks up to the table...the other ones are to big
A monitor with a camera
An additional man diaper bag
A forehead thermometer
Colic Calm
White Noise Machine
Baby Sling
I'm working on a whole other list for you. Love her already!

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