Friday, March 9, 2012

a friday hodge-podge

Hello lovelies! IT'S FRIDAY!!!
This Friday is particularly sweet because it's the start of spring break! I'm looking forward to a week off with my hubby...we're going to enjoy the last of our "us" time before baby makes her grand entry :) No big plans to speak of, just relaxation and maybe a couple projects.

Anyway, not a lot has been happening around here, but last Sunday I made this:
 Looks pretty similar to Chic-fil-A, right? I found this recipe via Pinterest and decided to make a gluten free version because I used to looooove me some CFA. It was yummy!!
Adjustments I made: I used the 1ish pound package of chicken tenders, cut into nuggets. I subbed GF-AP flour and needed an additional 1/4 c. which required an extra Tbs. of powdered sugar and some extra S&P. I followed everything else.
We had honey mustard with ours...just 1/4 c. each of mayo, dijon mustard & honey. Easy!
I wouldn't say these taste EXACTLY like CFA, but they are similar. 
We loved it, and I'm sure I'll be making this again!

I've been cleaning out stuff like a maniac lately, and when I was cleaning out our 'office' space  the other day, I came across some old pictures. This one of my dad and me is one of my favorites! 
I love it. So, so sweet.
wonder if Jaqs will look like her auburn-headed, chubby mama as a tot?
Spring is in the air, people!
Well. It has been until we had a 30+ temperature drop yesterday. It's cold and rainy now, but is supposed to warm back up by early next week. Anyway, I've been itching to get some Spring into my wardrobe, but that's kind of silly right now. As soon as I lose some baby weight, I'll be on the hunt for some bright, cropped skinnies...
...among other things. Rob has promised me a trip to H&M when we go to Dallas for his brother's wedding in May. Whoooooop! Trendy on the cheap? Yes, please.

I'm all over the place here, my apologies. I told you it was a hodge-podge!

Last night we went to TCBY (yes in the freezing temps) because they were celebrating their grand opening and doing a fundraiser for the children's hospital.
$1 yogurt with toppings?! Can't beat that. It was tasty. Baby girl loved it, too.
They had a clown there making balloon animals/figures, and he made one especially for me! A pregnant poodle! Hahaha, I'm normally not a huge fan of clowns because they're kinda creepy, but this one was awesome.
can you see the poodle baby in the tummy?
And let me leave you with a visual:
This is me every time I try to get off the couch or out of bed. No lie.
Rob finds it hilarious. Will my abs ever work again?! I hope so.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Mateya said...

The pregnant poodle is hilarious! I would have definitely hit up the $1 yogurt in the cold too :)

I'm dying for some cute spring clothes, but it is so pointless!

Wesley said...

Those nuggets look yummy!!!
I'll def have to try that recipe.

Ketrin Jones said...

I was begging tiel to take me to get fro yo last night!! Yum!
I really want to get to H&M in dallas soon. I went in Vegas and found tons a great deals.
I can just picture you trying to get up and Rob watching, laughing!

Have a great spring break together :)

Loren said...

LOVE the turtle stuck on it's back comment! That's how I'm starting to feel, I love how the men think it's hilarious. Brody thought it was funny AFTER i had Wade that I had a hard time getting in bed due to soreness. Our abs WILL work again, don't worry!!

Enjoy your precious last few weeks of it just being the two of you!!

Beth Ann said...

I looove the pregnant poodle balloon! :) That is the most awesomest ;) animal balloon I've ever seen!

Shon is off for a week starting tomorrow! Yay for time off with our hubbies!

I'm not sure where my abs went...soooo good luck with that one! ;) I've got to join a gym. Too many cute spring and summer clothes that I can't wear! :(

OH, and we have the angel care monitor. Yes, I'm a bit paranoid about SIDS and the like. Now that Holden sleeps in his own room in his crib, it is really comforting to have it. We only had one false then we adjusted the sensitivity on the monitor...and haven't had any since. It really does give me peace of mind. It isn't a video monitor but I really don't feel the need to see him since I know he's breathing! :)

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