Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 months!

Oh Jaqsy girl! You have changed so much and discovered a lot of new things in the last month! It is so sweet to watch you grow and seems like you're a little bigger each morning when you wake up. Daddy and I can't get enough of you, baby girl! We kiss your cheeks all day every day and talk about you non-stop...we just can't help it! You're our pride and joy. God has blessed us so richly with your precious little life!

At two months old:
  • Your appetite has grown MUCH bigger over the last month. My goodness can you eat! You nurse 6-7 times a day...every 3-3 & 1/2 hours during the day with longer stretches at night. You can also suck a bottle dry in no time...we're always impressed by that ;)
  • Your sleeping has improved tremendously, and we're SO PROUD of you for that! We've been working on moving bedtime up, and you have been doing so good with it. You feed for the last time about 9:30, then you go down at 10ish. You'll usually wake up around 5 (give or take 30 minutes), nurse, and go right back to sleep until 7 or 8. I'm pretty sure that's considered sleeping through the night in baby-land...way to go, girl! Momma and Daddy feel so rested now!
  • Naps are still a work in progress, but we're starting to see a pattern develop! We've been working on this too because we know you need plenty of rest for all that growing you're doing :) We generally do the same things so there will be consistency in your day. You are so HAPPY when you wake up from naps!
  • You are still fussiest in the evenings, but this has improved A LOT! You don't cry nearly as much, and we're so thankful for that...hearing you cry is just plain sad. We usually go on walks, play on the floor, and cat-nap a little before bath and bedtime.
  • You LOVE your bath! You get so relaxed with your feet propped up on the side of the sink. You just chill like you're at the most relaxing baby spa! I'm glad you enjoy this time :) After your bath, daddy gives you a massage with lotion, and you even enjoy that now. What a lucky girl to get a massage each and every night! Your daddy is head over heels for you, little lady.
  • The paci is here to stay. You love that little soother! We still don't let you sleep with it at night, but you do have it for naps some. Sometimes you chomp on it like there's no tomorrow, and other times you stick your tongue out and don't want it at all!
  • You are one strong little girl! Your little head stays perched up just looking around all the time. You are usually not crazy about tummy time, but recently you've fallen asleep during it...that was a shock the first time it happened! We usually prepare ourselves for non-stop crying when we put you on your belly :)
  • One of your favorite things to do is lay in your crib or on your activity mat and watch the mobiles. What fun! Your little eyes just follow them around and around. You also love the lights on your activity'll watch them for the longest time! We give you 'independent' play-time each day, and it's spent in one of these two places.
  • You are constantly working your legs and arms. Daddy says you look like you're directing traffic with your arms because they move independently of each other...too funny! You push up on your legs a lot now, so we've pulled out the jumperoo! We're easing into that new toy though. I know you're not far from loving it!
  • Speaking of your active arms, we started 'forcing' (sorry--mean mommy) you to have them swaddled because they would keep you awake at night! We have to give Grammie the credit for this one. It has made a huge difference in the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep! It also works wonders during the day...if you're fussing/fighting going to sleep, we swaddle you up like a burrito and you will usually calm down.
  • You are definitely finding your voice. You make the absolute sweetest sounds my ears have ever heard. Listening to you 'talk', squeal, and scream is the best thing!
  • You smile at us all the time...another thing we can't get enough of! We'll do anything to get smiles out of you, baby girl. Your gummy grin is scrumptious!
  • You are wearing size 1 diapers, and I think you'll fit into your cloth diapers now, so we're going to give those a go soon!
  • You are wearing a variety of just depends on the brand! You are in 0-3 month, 3 month, and even a couple 6 month outfits. I think you're truly a 0-3 month size though.
  • We don't go for your 2 month checkup until the end of the month, (dreading shots!!) but we estimate your weight to be around 11 lbs, and we think you're about 22 in long! You have really filled out and are chunking up nicely! We love your baby rolls and dimply bobo! Oh so cute.

Life is getting sweeter by the day with you, Jaqs. We love you so very much!!


Kelly Mann said...

SO sweet!! I love that last picture, almost like she's doing a fist pump celebration for completing something! ha!

Loren said...

She is a doll baby! Can't believe two months has flown by! So jealous you get to stay home with her! I know your loving life!

Heather said...

She is SO beautiful! And sleeping through the night must be wonderful. :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That last picture is priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jaqsy Girl, Grammie Sugar loves you soooo much!! I have only missed one weekend not seeing you, this weekend will be two and I am so sad about that!! Love you sweet baby girl::)). See you next week for FOUR days!

Kaycee Gossett said...

She's so beautiful and precious. They grow up so fast...way to fast.

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