Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4 months!

Oh Jaqsy girl...you've really got us right where you want us. We are so head over heals in love with you and think you are the BEST little thing ever! You are such a sweet girl, and we melt with every smile, laugh, and even cry. This month went FAST and has been a lot of fun!

At 4 months old:
  • Remember how I said you had become a finicky eater last month? Well, we figured out the culprit this month. You had some reflux going on :( My poor girl...it made me feel awful! Thankfully you have been on baby Zantac for about 3-4 weeks now, and you have been a different baby at feeding time! You eat great and are happy afterwards. I'm so, so glad for this! Seeing you miserable was breaking our hearts, and we can tell you just feel a lot better all around. You were unsure of the medicine at first, but now you gobble it right down.
  • I have moved to mostly pumping and bottle feeding you because my supply had gone way down in the midst of all this reflux business. So far I have been pumping enough and we haven't had to supplement. Hopefully that will continue!
  • You eat 5-6 times a day, 4-6 ounces at a time. We have been given the go ahead on cereal, but I think we'll hold off for awhile longer. You seem to still be satisfied on breast milk alone, so why fix what's not broken, right?
  • Your bedtime routine is one of our favorite times now! You still love your bath and enjoy your little massage every night. I then give you a bottle and put you down between 8:15-8:30. You'll then sleep until 5 or 6, wake to eat, and sleep until 8:30ish.
  • Your napping is pretty much the same as last month, although we've had some hiccups along the way when you weren't feeling well. You take one long nap, 2.5-3 hours, and cat-nap the rest of the time. Works for us!
  • You started LAUGHING this month!! SWEETEST sound I've ever heard! We do anything we can to get giggles out of you, and you're doing it more and more often. So fun!
  • You continue to smile all the time...makes me think you really enjoy your fun little life!
  • You have improved with tummy time. You still don't necessarily love it, but you do a lot more of it now than you ever have before! You are trying so hard to roll over, so I think it will happen very soon.
  • You do love to sit and pull-up from laying to sitting! We stabilize you, of course, but you are really strong!
  • You also love to 'stand'! You are constantly pushing up when you're being held. Your little legs are powerful and BUSY! People always comment on how busy you are.
  • Another thing you love to do is grab our faces and pull us into you. It feels so sweet! It can also be a little painful when you squeeze our lips or grab our eyes ;) We know it's out of love though!
  • You are really grabbing at your toys now. We don't have to put them in your hand anymore; you reach for them all on your own. You swing at the toys on your gym constantly. Everything that you do grab goes straight to your mouth, so they're all soaked most of the time :)
  • It seems like your drooling has slowed down a little bit, but you still love blowing bubbles ALL.THE.TIME. That's usually how you wake up. Ha! Goofy girl.
  • You haven't been interested in your paci as much lately, so that's been nice! I think it's because you feel better, so you don't need the constant soothing it provided.
  • You are doing a lot better in your car-seat too! Once again, I attribute your past hate for it to reflux. I'm sure the bouncing of the road didn't feel good when you had a throat full of acid. Poor thing...I definitely don't blame you for that!
  • You still love to gnaw on your hands or keep them folded across your chest.
  • You get a major kick out of looking at yourself in the mirror. I understand that...you're stinkin' adorable!! I could look at you all day long.
  • Your favorite toys include: your 'football man', Sophie, the O-ball, and rattles.
  • Recently you've been using a lovey. This started off as you always wanting to cuddle up a burp rag or blanket to your face, but now you have a specific lovey that you may still be dragging around in 4 years ;)
  • We have been working to break the need for the swaddle, but we still swaddle you from armpits down for warmth and security. We may transition to a sleep sack or just stick with the half swaddle...we'll see!
  • You don't go to the doctor for your check-up and shots until the 13th, but we estimate your weight to be about 13.5 lbs and your length to be about 24 in.
  • You are in size 2 diapers now.
  • You are wearing mostly 6 month clothing. Your sleepers are 9 months though because the others were too short! Your little toes were all cramped up.

Baby cakes, we love you so very much and are excited to see what new things you'll be doing next! We're blessed beyond belief to call your ours forever.


Beth Ann said...

Oh girl, I'm feeling for you on the pumping- that always felt so exhausting and time consuming to me. I hated pumping. Way to go keeping up with it though! That stinks that she had reflux but I'm glad they got it figured out. I remember thinking 4 months was the perfect age. They are still so little but yet really coming to life...and will still stay in one place. Haha! She is young to be pulling up from laying to sitting I feel like- strong girl!!! You are soon to be in on the fun of solid foods and more and more mobility!!! Your job is going to get harder ;) but it is really a lot of fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Baby Girl rolled on over today!! I can't believe she is growing so fast!! Grammie loves you Jaqsy Girl;)

Heather said...

So sweet!! Can you believe how fast time has flown?

Also, we tried rice cereal...did not go well at all.

Cassi said...

Sweet thing!!!

Loren said...

where has the time gone? So glad the meds are helping with reflux, we totally feel ya there! She is such a doll! I love reading what we have to look forward to, you forget so fast!

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