Thursday, September 13, 2012

fall fashion

I'm pretty sure everyone is thrilled that Fall is on its way, and I'm certainly no different.
I love, love everything about this time of year! Of course we're still nearing 90 degrees every day, but that feels AWESOME compared to what it has been! Hopefully I can bust my skinny jeans, leggings, sweaters, and boots out very soon!
Here are a few things I came across on Pinterest & Fashion Worship that I'm loving...
love that chunky, striped sweater
i'm always obsessing over leopard!
loving chambray!
casual...this is closer to what i'll actually be wearing ;)
i think i NEED this shirt! it's on etsy for $20!
Hoping to replicate some of these looks this season!
And a do y'all feel about white AFTER labor day?
The Today Show tells me that the old rule is out and that white can transition into Fall/Winter now. What do you think?


Brandi said...

WE live in Tx so I say white after Labor Day is soooo OK!!!I say we can probably wear it into October since it's soooo hot her. I can't wait for cooler weather!!

Megan Diane Gibbs said...

i love love love all things chambray! YAY! and yes...wear your white..the fashion faux pas of our grandparents no longer apply ;) my granny makes comments every year when i wear white sweaters haha! o well!

Heather said...

I am SO ready for fall clothes!!

Kaycee Gossett said...

Love all those outfits...I'm just can't wear skinny jeans lol. But I love the casual look and the sunday funday shirt too!

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