Wednesday, October 17, 2012

rewind it back

It's safe to say the last week or so has just slipped away from me. There hasn't been a ton going on or anything...just enough to keep me away from my computer/blogging! It was a nice little break, but I've got life to document here, people :)
Last-last Monday (Columbus Day) Jaqs and I went back to Abilene to spend a few days at my parents' house and to visit our family/friends there! It's always fun to go home, and this trip was no different. Our days there are always full of activity, and the time just flies right on by. Let's do a little picture rewind, shall we?

The Pea was a sweet little traveling girl, and lucky for her, she had Grammie for entertainment in the back seat!
don't let her fool ya, this lasted about 30 miles ;)
Our first stop was to see Rob's grandparents. They hadn't seen their great-grand-girl since the beginning of August, so they were so happy to love on her. Warms my heart.
 There was a cold snap while we were there, so we had to break out some jackets! Don't you worry, it's back in the 80s now....ugh, COME ON Texas, get the FALL memo already!
brrrr mama!
We also visited Grandma G (Rob's mom) and had a good time catching up a bit!
My mom sent me to have a night with my girls while she sat at home with the sleeping babe one night. Anna and I had dinner with our friends Ashley and Emily and had so much fun that we decided to continue the night and met up with Julie! I had a blast hanging out with my long-time girlfriends :)
I got my hur did. I'm pretty sure this is the darkest it has ever been, and I'm digging it!
Jaqsy girl got a few snuggles in with my mom's bestie...
 Then snuggled with her cheer girl on the way to dinner!
stinkin' precious, right?!
Grammie took her girls on a dinner date since we were without all the men in our life! Then we went shopping and got Jaqs the most adorable ballet flats I've ever laid eyes on.
big, puffy heart my big girl!
 I was supposed to leave Jaqs with my mom on Friday and come home to go to Rob's game, then we were going to meet up halfway on Saturday to make the baby exchange. Well, when it came right down to it, I just didn't wanna! I haven't spent a night away from her yet, and even though I know she'd be perfectly PERFECT with  Grammie, I'd be too sad. One of these days. 
So instead that meant I had to make the 3-hour trek back home ALONE with J. I was nervous about it because she doesn't go right to sleep in the car like she did when she was a newborn. We got up early (like 5:30 a.m.) and drove back then, and it worked out perfectly. Baby slept all but about 30 minutes...yeehaw!

Jaqs was SO EXCITED to see her daddy when he got off work that afternoon. He was equally excited to see her, of course :) And me, I guess? HA!
 She is always stroking his face, and it seriously gives me the fuzzies. She adores him, and I know they'll always have a special bond. I love that! 
 On Sunday morning we had a family photo shoot that my smiley baby was, of course, STONE-FACED for. Ah. Such a stinker! Guess I'll forgive her ;)

Monday we had our official 6 month check-up with one oral vaccination and FOUR shots. Ugh, they break my heart every time, and they only get worse as she gets older! Now the nurse makes ME hold down her arms. Come on! Turn me into the bad guy, why don't ya? Jaqs never has real tears, but she did on Monday. Her little face was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen! 
After the torture was done, we came home and snuggled on the couch after having some lunch. She NEVER (and I mean never) will snuggle/sleep on me anymore, but she napped on me for TWO hours. I was in heaven. The thought of putting her down in her bed didn't even cross my mind...I soaked her up and kissed her probably 162 times :)
snuggles & princess bandaids: the silver lining to shots
 My tough girl was back to her happy self (with no fever!) when she woke up!
Praise God!
frighteningly cute
Jaqs' official 6 month stats are: 16 lbs, 1 oz & 26 inches long--45% for both.

I think that pretty much catches me up to the present!
20 bonus points for you if you made it all the way to the end :)


Beth Ann said...

20 bonus points for me! Loved it! Sweet little peanut and precious little mommy! :)

Jenn said...

I still haven't left Henry over night and he's going on 15 months. I just can't do it, I'd miss him too much! Cute photos, it looks like you guys have been having a fun, busy time lately!

Michelle said...

we loved trips to Ab when Clara was this age! a good traveling baby is such a bonus!

Mateya said...

Cash those points in for me :) I love the picture of the two of you, she looks just so happy and you look gorgeous! I love your hair, makes me so sad I cut mine :(

Anonymous said...

Grammie made it to the end and wanted more:). LoL. Love my sweet daughter and baby Jaqsy!!! And Rob too;)

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