Sunday, October 7, 2012

SIL's birthday weekend!

 This weekend started off on a sour note with a tough Wildcat loss, but thankfully it only went up from there. My side of the family all came to celebrate my SIL's birthday!
My brother and I went to the game together on Friday while the GGs babysat Jaqsy girl, so it was fun to get some time in with him :) We always share a lot of laughs!

Saturday morning was mostly lazy until us girls ran around a bit. A cold front came through, so we actually got to wear fall clothes! It was wonderful; Jaqs & I were excited!
My mom and I came home and got things ready for Nicole's birthday dinner!
jumperoo is a nice touch, no?
 We had a delish steak dinner with all the sides then Nicole opened her gifts. I made her a yarn wreath and a little canvas with their dating/engagement/wedding dates in additional to a couple other things that weren't homemade. Ha!
 We also played some games...Jaqsy girl was even there! See her? ;)
Our big girl decided to top off the weekend by sitting up on her own! It didn't last too long before she fell over, but STILL! She's growing up too fast already.

Hope you have the happiest of birthdays, Nicole! We love you!

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Stephanie said...

How did you make the canvas?? I need a post detailing this. It would make the perfect gift for a few of my girlfriends.

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