Friday, November 30, 2012

pajama party!

I love Meredith's idea of a social network pajama party because WHAT mama doesn't love seeing their munch in adorable, seasonal jams?! They're irresistible!
Jaqs' personality is REALLY coming out lately! I don't even know what to say
about her expression in the bottom left picture...such a SILLY girl!
Head over to The Tichenor Family blog to link up and check out all the precious Christmas kiddos!


Kaila Nickel said...

You know you're a mom when you type "bottle" rather than "bottom." Crack me up!

Give little one hugs for me! She's just too cute in those jammies!

Brandi said...

Lord have mercy, CUTENESS!!!!

Lauren said...

Cute! I JUST bought L some Christmas jams yesterday and she will def be breaking them out tmrw!

Stephanie said...

I love this link up!! I will have to get little mister into some Christmas pjs and link up!

I also nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for details!

Mateya said...

Love it! I took Hayden's pictures last night and didn't have time to upload them. I'll have to save it for next week!

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