Monday, December 10, 2012

weekend, as told by my iPhone

This was the first weekend we've had at home (and with just us 3) in awhile, and it was pretty nice to get some quality time in with my hubby and our favorite girl!

 Jaqs and I got our grocery shopping out of the way on Friday before daddy got off, and she was ecstatic about that if you can't tell by this humongous grin:
Girl loves shopping even more now that she can sit up in the cart and squeal, growl, and blow bubbles at every single person we pass by! Trips out take just a little bit longer when I've got this girl and her big personality in tow; wouldn't have it any other way!

We had friends-dinner on Friday night, and it was, as always, a blast! So blessed to have such wonderful friends here.

Rob decided this week that it was time to take Jaqs to the zoo, so that's exactly what we did on Saturday morning! I wasn't sure that she'd really care, to be honest, but she LOVED it. Watching the fish swim around in their aquariums was her favorite part, I think, but she actually studied all of the animals pretty closely. Rob's favorite was the otter because it chased him all over the place, and my favorites were the gibbons because they were SO talkative. Much like my little monkey, actually :)
I think she was just happy to get to be with mommy and daddy too!
grainy iCam picture :-/
We got there not long after it opened, so there was hardly anyone there. We really got to take our time and let Jaqs check everything out without feeling was perfect!
ol' dude porcupine was asleep like that...comfy!?
We had such a fun morning together, and I'm sure this is a little field trip we'll be taking many, many times in our future. Lucky for Jaqs, Rob and I love the zoo, too!
another sleeping beauty...orangoutang--interesting creature. 
We were at the zoo in the middle of J's morning nap, so she conked out as soon as we got in the car (never happens). Rob and I got to have a quiet lunch at our favorite place...Pei Wei! YUMMY. 
Gluten-free sweet & sour chicken never disappoints this Celiac chick.
Sunday was just spent at home cleaning and cooking! 
Y'all, we ate a ton this weekend. It's embarrassing. Almost. But if you were wondering, brownies and peppermint (Blue Bell!) ice cream is a WINNING combination. Try it.
Jaqs had some sweet bed-head on Sunday morning. Anyone remember Jimmy Neutron?? HA!

I'm incredibly thankful for my little family, and I'm grateful that these low-key weekends can mean so much to me. There's nothing better than TIME spent with the ones I love!


Mrs. S said...

I'm hoping I can't find peppermint Blue Bell because I don't need it in the house! ha!!

Lauren said...

LOVE peppermint bluebell! Need to try it w a brownie. Maybe it will taste like the chickfila milkshake???

Mateya said...

Ok I keep seeing stuff about Blue Bell ice cream. We must not have it here???

Sounds like a great little family weekend!

P.s. I can't believe Jaqs doesn't fall asleep in the car. Hayden is out within minutes after we get in the car!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can make it 3 weeks without seeing this angel:'(. Grammie misses her!!

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