Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby's 1st Christmas!

Wow, am I ever behind! I took some time off from blogging to enjoy being with my family over the holidays, but now I've got a lot of catching up to do! We've spent Rob's time off from school at 'home' with our families. It's been a blast, and we've definitely packed in lots of quality time with each other, our families, and our hometown friends. I'll get caught up with all of that soon, but first, let's talk about Jaqsy's 1st Christmas!

We took baby girl to see Santa the 1st day we were there. She didn't really care one way or the other, and only sat still for long enough for me to snap a picture ;)
not too impressed with the big man
There was also a Nativity scene set up, so of course I had to sit her down there for a picture with baby Jesus and company! Sweetness.
Jaqs was lucky enough to get to open a couple presents from friends early.
Don't you love her baby ring? Haha, I think it's both comical and adorable!
We always do Christmas Eve lunch with Rob's mom and brother, but J was napping, so she had to miss out. I guess that explains why I have no pictures of that ;)
That evening, my grandparents came over, and we all went to Christmas Eve service together. They came back to my parents' house for dinner and games afterwards! We love game nights in this family!
Jaqs with Nana & Papa
We woke up on Christmas morning to find that Santa had visited my parents' house! What fun!
I'm so sad that I don't have a single picture of G-Pop & Grammie-Claus from Christmas day! We were all busy being little elves, enjoying the moment, and okay, corralling the babe ;)
Christmas morning excitement!
pure love
Jaqs, of course, is too young to really enjoy Christmas to the fullest, BUT I think she still had a lot of fun with all her peeps! What's not to love about being the center of attention in a house full of people? She definitely paid attention to her new pacis some of her new toys!
I haven't even mentioned yet that I'm GOING TO BE AN AUNT!! Woohoo!!! My brother and his wife are expecting a baby in May. We know what 'it' is, but we're sworn to secrecy for now, so you'll have to keep hanging in suspense on that one! All I can say is that Jaqsy girl is going to have lots of fun with her cousin next year!
After we were all spoiled rotten by GP & Grammie, and Uncle KB & Aunt Cole, we got ready for our next stop! Family pics were a must before we left.
1st family of 3 Christmas!
We went to Rob's grandparents' house for lunch and more fun with lots of family! Once again, J was the star of the show. She's the only baby (or kid for that matter) in both of our immediate families at the moment, so the girl gets all kinds of loving! Nanny & Popo got Jaqs her first pony! It's a little big for her right now, but she loves it!
l: with nanny & her new pony!
tr: with grandma galusha
br: rob with his twin and their mama
After Nanny & Popo's, we came back home for naps, then headed out to my grandparents' house for dinner and EVEN MORE fun! My cousin's baby girl, Kenlee, and Jaqs are only about 6 weeks apart in age, so they had fun playing together! They were adorable, and I'm excited for them to grow up being little buddies.
Jaqsy Girl's first Christmas was incredibly special for us, and we are very grateful for the blessing that she is to our family. Having a baby on Christmas gives you the smallest inkling of the sacrifice God made for us! Indescribable LOVE.


Beth Ann said...

So fun! You guys are such an adorable family!!! LOVE all the pics. And I love that white/multi-colored sweater of yours!

Mateya said...

Christmas with a little one is so much fun!!! Jaqs looks like she loved it all :)

How cute that Rob is wearing a Santa hat Christmas morning haha!

I love that wintery sweater you wore cute!

Mateya said...

Oh yeah. P.S. Congrats on being an Aunt!!! How fun will that be?!

Emily Marie said...

Christmas is so much more fun with a lil one, and it looks like you guys had a perfect 1st CHristmas with Jaqs:) Love her cute festive outfit too!

yarger gal said...

glad you got the Santa pic!!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

I love that sweater you have on!! It looks like yall had a great christmas!!!

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