Tuesday, February 19, 2013

happenings + random update

As I mentioned in my last post, we had a puny baby on our hands the weekend before last. She spiked a fever one evening, and went from bad to worse in a matter of hours the next day. The pedi said she had an ear infection, so we all suffered through that over the weekend, but thankfully my parents were here to help! On Sunday morning, Jaqs woke up with a new tooth in her mouth, and suddenly, there was relief from the crankies! Naps and sleep in general was still difficult to come by, but thankfully she is 100% back to normal now! Praise the Lord!
 This was the only way to get anything done...poor baby! If she wants to be constrained, you know she doesn't feel good.

Also over last weekend, we got word that Rob's uncle had passed away. We had to make an impromptu Abilene trip to attend his funeral and be with the family. Since we had already hoped to see Rob's cousin who would be in Abilene the NEXT weekend, Jaqs and I stayed there while Rob came home to finish his work week as to avoid 2 road-trips with a baby that doesn't enjoy sleeping in her car-seat ;)

My dad was also working while we were there, so it was just the girls. Jaqs and Grammie had so much fun together, as always!
 I also got to have an unexpected girls' day with my bestie Julie! Of course, we forgot to take a picture together, so we took a couple of selfies, and Julie sent me this:
 HA! We had to have proof that we both got dressed in REAL clothes, right?! Love that girl.

For the first time in 10 (whoa) years, Rob and I were apart for Valentine's Day, but I still had our girl, so she was both Grammie's and my Valentine! We went to visit her at work, and we had a lunch date, too :)
We received these beauties from Daddy that afternoon!
 Jaqs got herself a REAL crib at the GG's house...what a lucky girl! Think she was excited about it?? What a little acrobat!
 The little toot found her camera & had it in bed with her one afternoon. Good thing it's mounted on the wall and out of reach at home!

SATURDAY was the day we got daddy back! Jaqs had to get 'fancy' for lunch and errands with the girls before daddy came, so she had a little baby bracelet stack going on ;)
Rob came in after his powerlifting meet in Temple, and we were so excited to see him! We went to visit with his family then brought baby home for bed while we went out to dinner with everyone. Can I just say that eating out without the girl in tow is about 25x easier? Ha! Thanks, Grammie!!
best we could get out of several tries ;)
 Rob's cousin Kathy and her husband Mike are making a cross country move and made a stop in Abilene to visit everyone, so we got to have a fun night with them since my mom had the pea, and it was so much fun! After dinner, we took them to the classiest place in town, Guitars & Cadillacs! Where else? Mike is ALL about Texas and wanted to experience it all, so we did what we could to deliver! 
 Love, loved getting to catch up with them and wish we could do it more often!
 We had to get one last NFC lunch in before we left...
 It was delicious as always, and we got to spend a last bit of time with Rob's sweet grandparents :) They love that baby, let me tell you!
Also before we left, my dad got to have a quick visit with J. He came in the night before we left, so they got to have a quality evening and morning together! Play-mates, these two!

Now we're home again, home again and getting back into the swing of things today!
I think I'm all caught up on 'lately' now...whew! 
Kudos to you if you hung around for this one :)


Stephanie said...

Such a busy couple of weeks! I wondered why you were so quiet in Blogland. I hope baby girl is feeling all better. I am NOT looking forward to those moments with C.

Jessica Turner said...

J was cracking me up with those crib photos!! Too funny! And I'm loving her bracelets!!! Addyson has one, but it's still just a little too big and slides right off :/ Glad Jaqs is feeling better and is a happy girl again!!!

Mateya said...

I've been wondering what you guys have been up to :) sound like fun!

What is NFC? I'm sure it's a place we don't have around here. I've still never tasted CFA :)

Looks like a fun time with Robs cousin!

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