Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm sure y'all have picked up on the fact that our weekends are pretty low-key when it's not football season, and this one was certainly no different. I kind of love it! Weekends are for family time in our house, and I just wouldn't have it any other way. Nothing makes me happier!
Rob normally leaves for work by 5:30 every morning, but on Friday, he was still here when J and I got up at 7:30ish...what a rare treat! It really set a happy tone for our day since he was leaving for the day/night for powerlifting and we wouldn't see him until the next day. He even went and got me coffee since we were out of cream. So yeah, he was our hero that morning! ;)
My mom was gone over the weekend, so since my dad was off, he decided to come spend some time with his girls and keep us company while Rob was working. We were so excited to see him! Check out the greeting Jaqs gave him...
HA! She keeps us laughing! Before any of you question our parenting over here, the kid's just playing peek-a-boo! She was absolutely wired when he got here, so I think she was ecstatic to see GP.

We didn't really do much of anything on Saturday besides play and share food with the beggar :)
Rob finally got home Saturday evening, so he spent some time with the little lady, then we went on a date once she went to bed! We went to our faaaaavorite: P.F. Chang's. Mmmm! We haven't been on a date, just the two of us, in a LONG time, so we were grateful that my dad stayed with the Pea so we could get away for a little bit! So nice.
 On Sunday, we ran a couple errands, but Rob just wanted to spend the rest of the day enjoying his baby girl that he missed while he was away. Can you blame him?
bow by daddy ;)

I'm so thankful for these slow, easy weekends we've had lately! Things are about to pick up with baby showers, Spring Break, Easter, my BABY'S 1ST, then Spring ball, so I'm savoring the simplicity right now!


Jenn said...

It's good to revel in the simple things sometimes! It looks like you guys had a great weekend. I've always heard that P.F. Chang's is good but we've never been there!

Mateya said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you're able to enjoy it while you can!!!!

Love the little show J gave her grandpa when he arrived haha!

Emily Marie said...

Haha the picture of Jaqs playing peek a boo is hilarious, one I'm sure she will love when she gets older;)

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