Monday, May 20, 2013

a taste of summertime...

We got a taste of Summer this weekend, and it was nothing short of amazing! Ahh, I can't believe it's over already, but now I'm just that much more excited for a few easy weeks with my family & friends.

Rob came home with flowers Friday afternoon, so there was no way it could be bad, right? Surprise gestures to say 'I was thinking about you!' are so my love language.
We went to watch one of our favorite kiddos play some baseball Friday evening, and it turned out he had an entire fan club in the stands that night! Can you tell these guys work together?? ;) Blue shirts, gray shorts...all day, errrday.
Parker even got the game ball that night! His team spanked their opponent...atta baby!
We went to eat with everyone afterwords, then Cassi & I had to do some last minute prep for our garage sale the next morning. We've been talking about needing to do one for months, and we decided to just DO IT last week. We were feeling a little crazy doing it so last minute, but when it was all said and done, we were glad to have our garages cleaned out. Bonus that we made some bucks on all our junk with no advertisement!
We had lots of good junk, though ;) But her daughter was selling the best stuff at this sale. Homemade chocolate ice cream with mexican vanilla...oh my, heavenly!
Once we were done with our sale, we made a mad dash through the grocery store, went home to round up the troops and get ready, then we were off to the lake for the afternoon/evening. Jaqs LOOVED swimming in the lake despite the fact that it was cold!
 I think it's definitely safe to say we'll be spending a lot of time in this lake this year :)
I had a blast, as always, with my girlfriends! 
Jaqs had only had 1 nap that day, so she was a little cranky by the end, and don't even get me started on the ordeal that was the life jacket, BUT overall, she had lots of fun! Maybe by the end of the Summer she'll learn to catch a cat-nap on the go ;)
We came home Saturday night and CRASHED. I don't think any of us moved all night!

On Sunday we did our usual house/yard/grocery chores, and Jaqs got a pool for our backyard! Rob set it up during her afternoon nap, and when she spotted it out the back door after she woke up, there was no keeping her in! We just let her swim in her diaper, and she had an absolute blast! We sure have a water baby on our hands, and that makes me so happy because there's nothing I love more than floating in a pool ;) I can still do that right? Daddies do the playing while mommies do the sunning, riiight?!
We cooked out Sunday night and basically spent the whole evening was perfect. Now if only we would stay around 90 like we have been rather than getting temps up to 105+. Oy, the only downside to TX summers.

Hope your weekend was fun, too! This is our last week of Spring football with a 3-day weekend in sight, so I just don't see anything bad about that!


Kelly Mann said...

Sounds like fun!! We were/are already in the 102-105 range!!

Beth Ann said...

Surprise gestures are totally my love language too. Could someone please remind my wonderful hubby of that (for like the billionth time)? Womp womp. ;) So sweet of your hubs!

Anonymous said...

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Sara said...

I love that he still brings you flowers after all these years! :)
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Anonymous said...

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Elizabeth said...

Can I just say that I am jealous of your flat stomach? Mine so does not look like that! And I love that your husband bought you flowers - I love sweet gestures like that.

I nominated you for a Liebster award if you want to play along!

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