Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guest Post: Advice for New Moms

Just wanted to pop in to let y'all know that I'm guest posting over at Down with the Dearmore's today! I'm not at all qualified for such things, but I'm sharing my two cents for new moms. Hope you'll check it out!
If you're visiting from Jen's blog, hello! 
I'm so glad you clicked over and hope you'll stick around! :)

A little about me:
Wife to my high school football coaching hubby, Rob
SAHM to my 13 month old daughter, Jaqs (short for Jacqueline)
Wanna-be DIY-er and crafter
Obsessive Instagrammer (@ktgalu)
Professional Target shopper
Lover of any and all time spent with my family


[darci @ the good life] said...

Great guest post, girl - I couldn't agree more!! And how I wish that your bod wasn't so "doughy" after having a babe ---- I think that you should immediately go back to being as skinny as you were before, but maybee with super defined abs. I mean, AT THE VERY LEAST, you desrve that after having a babe, right???!!! ;) ;)

Sara said...

My little one is one month old so I really liked reading your post as I am a very new mommy!
Loved it! :)
Life with Baby Sophia

Beth Ann said...

You are totally qualified and it was GREAT advice!!! Awesome post!!!

Why did I commit to a beach vacay whilst having the dough body you speak of?! Waaah! Gonna give myself some grace though, have fun, and just let it all hang out! Bahahaha!

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