Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Hello lovelies! Friday again? Woohoo! Everyone's favorite day of the week, right? It has been raining basically all week here, but the sun is shining today, and we're anxious to get back to our summer activities, otherwise known as: hangin' at the kiddie pool!
Anyhow, y'all know the Friday drill by now, right? Linking up with Darci, Natasha, April, and Christina for Five on Friday!

{one} Kohl's has a ton of kid's stuff on clearance right now, so I scored some play clothes for Jaqs for next Spring/Summer AND some new Converse for her because her daddy insisted she needed some closed-toe shoes. I got 3 shirts, 3 pants & this pair of shoes for less than $30! Hard to beat that; I *heart* Kohl's.

SIDE-NOTE: I'm selling pair of toddler girl's Natives if anyone is interested! Hollywood Pink, Size 4, NWOT, $15, shipped. Email me if you're interested?
{two} I've been gathering up some things to put the finishing touches on the girl's little play area in our living room, and I came across this print on Pinterest. I love it! Wonderful little reminder to keep things simple around our abode. Oh, and the colors are perfect, too ;) 
{three} We had Jaqsy baby's 15 month check-up yesterday, and she got a perfect report! I'm so thankful she's a healthy, growing, and busy girl. She did great at her appointment, but DESPISED being pinned down for shots. Poor angel. She was good within 30 seconds of being picked back up, though!
{four} Little Miss Momma posted this DIY baby onesie & gift bag this week, and I thought it was just adorable. How fun would it be to craft these at a baby shower? Incredibly simple, too! Cute + Simple = Winner.
{five} My brother-in-law, Will, has been out of the country since February and is finally back home! He's coming to spend the weekend with us, so I figured I'd make an all-American meal to welcome him this evening. Pot Roast immediately came to mind because it would keep me from heating up the house with the oven, plus men love beef & potatoes, am I right?! I've never had any specific recipe I use, so I've got The Pioneer Woman's cooking right now. Her recipe HAS to be a winner! I'll let y'all know how it turns out.
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Mateya said...

Glad J's appointment went well! It's never fun seeing them scared/in pain! I fear it's going to be worse as they get older and realize what's going on :(

Pot roast sounds so good! We have roast all the time! I just put mine in the crock pot with potatoes, carrots, and onions, a little water at the bottom and lots of seasonings! Can't go wrong!

Samantha said...

Lol, other than Target, I live at Kohls! Such great deals, and cute kids clothes.

Your little girl is adorable!

Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

Still loving those baby shoes!!! And that print. I ordered one similar from jones design company when she did her half off sale and love it! I'm trying to get back in the blog game, so I think I may link up to this today!

Sara said...

15 months! I can't believe our babies are this old. Mac turns 14 months tomorrow and I'm still in denial that he's over one. Glad to hear all went well with J. Those shoes are adorable, by the way!

Elizabeth said...

CUTE SHOES! And I can't believe she is already 15 months! Crazy!

Let me know how the recipe goes!

[darci @ the good life] said...

Such a big girl... cannot believe she's already 15 months!!! And that face at the dr breaks my heart! Shots are no fun - glad they are over so quickly!

I love that print by the way... I have a cute garland from Paper Source that looks really similar!

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! So glad you linked-up with us again this week! xo!

Heather said...

I literally JUST got home from our Kohl's and it was all picked over. And they didn't have ANY size 4 toddler shoes.

I'd love to see pics of the shoes your selling!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

Is that an amber teething necklace that Jaqs is wearing? If so, does it work for her?

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