Tuesday, December 2, 2014

38 weeks!

How far along: 38 weeks!!

Size of baby: about 6-7 lbs. The size of a melon! 

Total weight gain: +30 lbs. And I am so ready to work out again.

Movement: Oh yes...still lots of movement, but he has definitely slowed down! He seems to be the most active in the evenings/at bedtime (naturally ;))

Sleep: The same. I'm just uncomfortable & waking up every couple hours to pee.

What I miss: Running around with my girl, easily climbing in bed with her for bedtime books, and feeling comfortable in general :) Not much longer though!!

Cravings: Anything & everything; I feel like I graze ALL day long!

Labor Signs: Lots of contractions throughout the day. I told Rob I'm worried I won't know when I'm actually in active labor this time because I never take contractions seriously anymore. I never had this with Jaqs until it was the real deal, so this is new to me. Hopefully daddy won't be delivering Slade at home. Hehe.

Maternity clothes: Most certainly. Large & in charge over here! 

Best moments this week: Getting a positive report at the doctor yesterday. I'm 3 cm & 75% effaced, so Dr. T went ahead & swept my membranes to potentially help move things along. I'm just glad all those contractions are doing some good! I'm feeling pretty antsy at this point...just ready to know when he'll be here & get this show on the road! With that being said, I can be patient and enjoy a few more days with just my girl & my hubby, too ;)

Everything is basically ready for Slade's arrival! The nursery is done, bags are all packed, the freezer is stocked with meals, and the grandparents are on stand-by. Now I just need my toddler tornado to quit destroying our house on the daily so it'll actually stay clean. Nesting is difficult with a 2 year old around! #momprobs


P!nky said...

You look fabulous lady! 38 weeks, wow! You're so close!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

You are SO close! Excited for you!

Sara McCarty said...

You look amazing! I can't believe you're so close. I'm sure you're ready. I loved being pregnant, but by 38 weeks I was so ready to be done with it! Hopefully soon! :) Fingers crossed. And yes, nesting with a toddler is impossible. ANYTHING with a toddler is impossible.

Stephanie Cox said...

You look beautiful pregnant! Not that you don't not pregnant but you are the picture perfect example of the ideal pregnancy!

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