Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Thanksgiving break was so wonderful and restful this year, and I'm so glad because this has been a hectic week so far! This is my last week of classes then I have ONE (!!) final next week, and I'll be walking across the stage next Saturday! I'm so excited about that but also a little nervous because I don't know what I'm going to do with my life! Any help with that would be appreciated ;)

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving! Rob had practice that morning, then we spent the early afternoon at my parents' house with my family. We had a little photo-shoot on their front was COLD & WINDY! But the pictures turned out pretty cute :)

My brother & Nicole...

My precious parents...

This was Rob's idea...haha! I like it :)

We had a delicious late lunch with them, then we headed over to Rob's mom's house to take her a plate of food. She had had surgery on her hand the day before, so she had to stay home on Thanksgiving day...bummer! After that, we went to Rob's grandparents' house to have dessert and hang out.

Rob's sweet Nanny & I played a game of Scrabble while the boys watched football! Love her!

Friday morning, my mom, her BFF, her BFF's daughter-in-law & I got up EARLY (3:45) and hit up the madness that is Black Friday! Whether we need anything or not, we always go just because it's so much fun! I can't tell y'all what we got though...I don't want anyone to know what they're getting before Christmas! ;) We did get some good bargains though!

Saturday was the big game day! Cowboy Stadium is unreal. It's massive and AWESOME! With that 60 yard (i think?) big screen, there's no such thing as a bad seat! No matter where you are, you find yourself gazing at that crystal clear screen. It was cool to actually see the players faces while they were doing their thing.

Bad picture, but here's Lexi & me at the stadium...

Unfortunately, we had a rough day and we lost to Denton Guyer. It was pretty upsetting considering they have now knocked us out of play-offs for 3 years in a row :( I can't believe football season is actually probably won't set in until this weekend when I won't be sitting at a stadium or taking a road-trip to go to a game.

Hope all of you ladies had a wonderful thanksgiving! Are y'all gearing up for Christmas now?? I know I am! It's KILLING me to not be able to put up my tree and decorations yet! I'll share why I can't in a couple of weeks ;)

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Mateya said...

Are you guys moving???? I love the pictures of you and Rob from Thanksgiving!

How exciting to be graduating so soon! What kinda job are you looking for??

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