Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i love you this much.

Last Tuesday (1-11-11!) was Rob's 26th birthday! It's pretty crazy to me that this is the 8th birthday of his that I've celebrated.
In honor of the big two-six, I thought I'd share 26 things that I adore about my hubs...

-He's kind to everyone he comes in contact with, even if they are rude or grumpy.
-He always has and always will only have eyes for me.
-He does his own laundry.

-He loves & trusts in our Savior.
-Every card I have ever received from him has had 'SWAK' written on the seal.
(Sealed With A Kiss)
-He is passionate about the career he has chosen. And he's good at it to boot!
-He lets me snuggle my cold feet to him when I get into bed at night.

-He's so patient.
-He often leaves little notes for me to wake up to.
-He supports me in all that I do.

-He's the best hugger I know.
-He eats whatever I put out on the table for him...good or bad. Makes me feel good.
-He makes me laugh on a daily basis.

-He (almost) never complains about taking pictures for/with me.
-He's awesome with kids.
-He's always willing to help me around the house.

-He's a manly man.
-He's a wonderful son/grandson to his mom/grandparents.
-He's intelligent.

-He's pretty much always game for whatever plan I've dreamed up.
-He rarely complains about ANYTHING.
-He never forgets my birthday or our anniversary.

-He's honest, trustworthy & selfless.
-He watches HGTV with me.
-He lets me "cry it out" on his shoulder whenever I need to.

And last but certainly not least...
-He's mine for life!!

How in the world did I get so lucky??

I love you, babe...always & forever!!


Kerbi said...

What a sweet post!

Connie said...

This is perfect!

Annie said...

such a sweet post! :)
i hope your hubby had a wonderful bday!

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