Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend ramblings.

We had another fabulous weekend that I'll share soon! My brother and his new wife came in town, and we had a great time with always. I just love being with my family!


With the help of my parents, Rob and I got our other house ready for closing today. We decided to save ourselves some bucks and do some of the repairs that needed to be done ourselves, so we spent the afternoon working. I didn't mind it, though...the weather was perfect and the company was great! We close on it later this week, and I am so relieved it is sold, but I will miss that sweet little house. We have a lot of memories there.

Isn't it adorable?

I got my first pair of Tom's for Christmas last year, and I have been wearing them pretty much none stop since then. I know they aren't the cutest shoes ever, but they are SO comfy, and I love that they go for a good cause. Well, I've decided that I need another pair to give my others a rest every now and then. I want these babies so bad, but they're out of my size! AHHH! Is there anywhere else I can order them??

Did y'all watch the Grammy's tonight? Rob and I had a little movie date, (I now want to go to heaven the beach because we watched Couples Retreat) so I didn't watch, but I got all the updates on Twitter and was sure to Google the best and worst dressed. People really blow me away with the things they wear. When you have that much dinero (and fashion advising) how could you not look fab? I don't get it. Also, did Christina Aguilera seriously fall? Poor girl has had a rough week!


Are y'all celebrating the day of love tomorrow??
We'll be celebrating, but things are pretty low key now that we're old married folks. Waiting in a restaurant for 3 hours and buying each other over priced candy has seriously lost it's appeal over the years. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these bitter-Valentine-haters...I still have pink and red sprinkled throughout our house for the occasion! :)


It's about time to lie my tired head, but I'll be back with updates soon!

Happy Heart Day, my little bloggy Valentines!



Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

Awe, you will never forget your first home! Y'all will talk about it for years to come! JR and I still go out of town once a year to see our first home.
HA, same way about vday! He always wants to get me flowers but I am like why pay ten times as much for the same ones you can get me the day after for much less, ha!
have a great day!

Lauren said...

hey Neiman Marcus has toms! i got the pink glitter ones from there and i LOVE them. love your new house too, btw!so cute!

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