Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday shopping...

When I got off work this afternoon, it was about 80 degrees, so I was wanting to get out and enjoy it....and what better way to do that than a little shopping?
I might have a problem.
First I went to Michael's in search of cute cupcake topper supplies, but I got seriously distracted by the dollar aisle. I got those orange reusable gift bags and tags...which, of course, made me think of a certain boy mom blogger! I also got the "G" notecards because I always need them for "thank-yous" and "thinking-of-yous."

Michael's also got me thinking about a friend of mine who has had a rough few days, so I decided I'd try to lift her spirits a little! Not tooting my own horn here, just wanted to show how easy {and inexpensive} it can be to brighten someone's day. Hope she loves her little goodie pail of happiness!

Then I went to Ross. Always a dangerous place in the kitchen department for me. This little green trivet jumped out at me and said "LEXI!," so I got it for her. SURPRISE, bestie! Hope you like it :) I got one for myself too...because besties always have to match, right?

Also at Ross...this crystal decanter set with glasses. Rob has been wanting one of these since he first saw it at a friend's house, so I decided to get it for him since it was a whopping $9.99! Happy belated lover's day, Bobert!

Who can resist 50% off Valentine candy? Not me.

So PCOS {ugh} has left me with some unwanted, blonde peach fuzz on my jaw line {TMI?}, so when I saw the Smooth Away at Target, I decided I'd give it ago. I reaaaaally didn't want to wax, so I figured I'd gamble the $4 and try it. I'm happy to announce that it actually worked! YAY! Fuzz be gone.

Ulta has an awesome bonus going on right now, so I stopped by there as well. I bought the 2 nail-polishes and eyeliner on the left {spent $18} and got everything to the right for free! Yippee! A cute bag, 2 brush sets, compact, lipstick, polish, blush, 2 quad-eyeshadows, lip gloss duo, 2 eyeliner duos and mascara. Can't beat that.

All in all, I'd say Tuesday shopping was a great success, but it's a good thing this doesn't happen every Tuesday ;)

Love, Love.


Connie said...

I love your choices!!

Anonymous said...

AHHH THANK YOU BESTIE!!!!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!! :) and next time wait for me to go shopping!

Mateya said...

You got some great stuff! Shopping always puts me in a good mood :)

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